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  • Favorite kendoka

    Just wondering

    Who is your favorite kendoka from the all japan competitions??

    Mine is Sato Mitsunobu.
    I love the way he plays kendo, shows a lot of spirit and never gives up, he is not very tall and doesn't look the strongest but he is always hiting with everything he has.

    That guy is a High school teacher and he fights at the same level of these professional policemen kendoka. I wonder how many times he can afford to practice per week.

    Also his kendo is quite weird sometimes he uses some weird kamae (looks like hasso), and moves a lot more than other kendoka.

    Anyway he is cool!

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    hi kendokamax,

    Just wandering do you have any URL's about this Sato guy?


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      hum no website but

      on the goodies page there is a video of 1 of his fight, he wins by kote.


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        It's been taken down now, I'm afraid.


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          sorry about not posting this in the last post, but the timelimit had expired when I thought of it.. *shrug*

          I've got the vids, so if you want I can mail them to you...
          just PM me, and let me know..
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            the other sato

            If you ask who my favorite kendoka is, I would have to say my sensei, Kataoka Noboru. When he is not doing kendo, teaching good kihon, or working on the AUSKF board, he is saying such important lines in films such as Black Rain like "shoes.. shoes..." or "You have done enough to him!"

            When it comes to pros.... You have to like each champ. Miyazaki for the incredible displays that won him the titles. Eiga for being a superstrong kendoka, and Iwasa for coming out of nowhere. Iwasa's style is similar to that of my sensei, so I am an Iwasa fan.

            If I had to mention one more, Id mention the other Sato, Sato Hiromitsu. He may have lost to Sato Mitsunobu in the semifinals, but his kote and men are both elegant, with great speed and power. Plus he is at the Osaka PD, and hopefully during my year of living in Japan that is forthcoming, I will have the opportunity to meet him.


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              Miyazaki has come to Rocky Mountain Budokan. He is soooo fast. He gets my vote.