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  • A question about seme...

    Hey fellas -

    One of the biggest and physical roadblocks in my kendo training thus far has been grasping the notion of seme, and translating that into what I actually do with my body and shinai. How would all of you explain the concept of seme, as you understand it?

    I have come to understand it as an unseen pressure you're exerting on your opponent, projecting your presence into his physical space. More than anything, perhaps, you're trying to push your opponent back, intimidate him, and dominate his space, all through a (mostly) psychological process.

    Perhaps more importantly, how would you actually "perform" seme on your opponent? Is it as simple as pushing his shinai down? I doubt it. How do you cast your presence unto the opponent through mere shinai motion?

    Is it more difficult to do with people whom you practice with frequently, since they are probably more familiar with your style of play and less "scared" of you?

    Please advise...

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    I think that everyone who posts here will have thier own personal
    idea of what seme actually is- I don't think you could really define it. I grasped this idea from a visiting 7th Dan who said those exact words- can't argue really!!

    For me I picture my seme as being one huge ass spear projecting from my lower abdomen straight into my opponents tsuki! Against beginner kendoists it is almost constantly there but against more advanced kendoka my spear shrinks into a twig!!

    As to the motion of seme I use very short, sharp footwork, hands low, lower abdomen tense and then I picture my "spear".

    Hmmm..... what a lot of babble! I think you get my point though.


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      Hmmm... Freud would be very interested in your metaphors