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  • physiology of kendo

    In another thread Iwatakenshi wrote:

    "In the most recent issue of Kendo Jidai there was an article of how much prespiration you loose in kendo. Compared to other indoor sports it was on the top end of the list."

    I am curious as to whether anyone has any data on heart rates, carbs burned or such like during, say kirikaeshi, kakarigeiko, gi-keiko, etc. by age and/or rank.

    I imagine kendo to be an excellent cardio program as it involves raising one's arms above one's head with some frequency

    Breathing style is also relevant here: i.e. number of breaths when performing kirikaeshi...

    Any data?

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    Richard: I recall glancing over some statistical data somewhat pertinent to the information you're looking for. I forgot the details, but it the data set contained measurements such as "downward force exerted by body during fumi-komi", etc... The data-set is cross-sectional, and differentiates between men, women, ages, etc. I'm fairly sure it contained some physiological measurements, too.

    As to where to find this data: it's in the appendix of one of the few kendo books available in English. I know that's somewhat vague, but there isn't a lot of published literature on Kendo that's solely in English. If your dojo has a small collection of Kendo books, you'll probably find it in one of them.

    Moreover, I think some of the very high-ranked players/instructors have actually written discertations on quantitative issues such as this.


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      I always thought that kendo was an anaerobic exercise for the most part. I guess if you look at the practice as a whole it is a aerobic exercise. The only thing that I can say about heart rates is that is it high, and I felt like my heart was in my skull on several occasions!
      Kirikaeishi should be done in two breaths: once before you start, and again during the second taiatari. Most higher level senseis are able to do it in a single breath, independent of speed. All exercises should be done with minimizing breathing, since it is when you are breathing that you are the most vunerable.


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        "number of breaths when performing kirikaeshi..."

        2. 1 for each of the first 2 big men-cuts.

        I've started cycling a fair bit and bought a heartrate monitor for that purpose and have been thinking about wearing it for kendo.
        (I can upload the data to my computer to see how it fluctuates during the exercise).
        I would say, though, that kendo is more like a large interval exercise and the main exercises takes place above the anaerobic threshold, relying on the short term energy stored in your muscles rather than the longterm energy stored in the fat. (which cyclist and long distance runners rely on).
        My guess is that kendo won't burn as many calories as going cycling/running/swimming whilst keeping it just below the lactate threshold.



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          If you use the monitor during practice, let us know what you find out.


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            This sounds like a job for Michael Komoto, who's been translating the clinic articles. He's translating at the AJKF/IKF Kitamoto Summer Camp in Saitama for the next week, but when he gets back we'll see if he's got any pertinent info. on that.

            We'll have a hunt through the Budo Gakkai reports for something that covers that sort of research for issue 4.



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              As for the breathing, please follow Steven Harwood's series in the magazine, as it's not an issue that can be easily explained in a forum post!


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                Hey Jakob, fellow HRM geek-boy!!

                I've thought of doing the same, but how? Surely one good Kote and your pricey Polar is history.... (ok maybe left wrist is pretty safe)

                Likewise I'd like to know the results. Does yours do a calorie calculation? Might make me feel less guilty about the inevitable Hoegaardens that follow keiko ...




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                  David, I was actually planning the monitor inside the do
                  My polar (S410) does everything, apart from the actual exercise!.
                  I'm currently on minimal kendo-practice due to a long standing calf-injury I want to get rid of, so it'll be a few weeks before I get around to try it.



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                    Hey Jakob,
                    can you wire Daiki-kun up to that thing? I'd be interested in knowing what he's on



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                      I know what he's on!'s that cheating thing called 'youth'!