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  • Namedropper!!!

    Had a chat in the pub with some work colleagues and we got around to talking about famous people we have met over the years and I thought it might be interesting to see who people on these forums have met from around the world. And, what they thought of that celeb from meeting them.

    I have met a few celebs over the years and will start with everyones favourite Eastend barmaid and Carry On 'starlet' Barbara Windsor.

    Met her once when she came to my place of work visiting one of her 'friends'.

    What a fecking cow she is. You know when someone is a z-list celeb is when they say "don't you know who I am" - she said this several times when she felt she wasn't getting preferential treatment.

    I suspect our American friends are gonn be able to name drop so much better than anyone else on this.

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    Sunshine Village, the Banff ski resort has a celebrity fund-raiser every year. I met Katherine Mary Stewart in the lift line. She was in "Night of the Comet" and also on some soap or other, so definitely C-list but I liked that movie so I recognized her. She was charming and very pretty in person. I had a friend who had a couple of beers with William Shatner in the bar at the same place, said he seemed like a great guy.


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      I was visiting Hollywood - very strange place, by the way - a few years back with a friend, and while we didn't speak to him, we did see Kid Rock walking the other way. We decided not to be "those fans" by freaking out or anything along those lines. It was more like "Hey, Chuck... isn't that Kid Rock?" "Yeah, I think it is." "Cool... so, you hungry?" "Yup, let's go."


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        Celeb = actors, singers and the like?

        'Cuz if it counts, our current President had dinner at my house once (he wasn't president then, though there was a senator and a couple other high-profiles).

        I might be 2-degrees away from a lot of A-lists, but the catch is they are A-lists HERE and probably don't figure in any list whatsoever in the Frigid Northlands.


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          This is a bit too easy for me.. as my Uncle used to produce shows for Miami TOPA and had a few on Broadway.. we can start with Elizabeth Taylor, backstage after a performance of Little Foxes...and work our way from there if you like.


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            In Japan, I have met several celebs: Ayumi Hamasaki at a restaurant in Sakae, Nagoya (2002), BoA in Maruzen at Tokyo Station and then 2 weeks later on the Shinkansen (I think she was stalking me!), Bobby Valetine at Shin-Osaka (circa 2006), Debbu-ya in Nagoya in 2003, Matsu ken (countelss times…we enjoy the same izakaya) and Becky in Yokohama (2004).


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              Originally posted by 758jo View Post
              In Japan, I have met several celebs: Ayumi Hamasaki at a restaurant in Sakae, Nagoya (2002), BoA in Maruzen at Tokyo Station and then 2 weeks later on the Shinkansen (I think she was stalking me!), Bobby Valetine at Shin-Osaka (circa 2006), Debbu-ya in Nagoya in 2003, Matsu ken (countelss timeswe enjoy the same izakaya) and Becky in Yokohama (2004).
              OMG. AYUMI HAMASAKI AND BoA.
              How exciting!


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                Lets see, Saw, Sharon and Kelly Osborn, drove right next to them. Family did the star tour thing finding their house in Hollywood and happened to be there at moment they went out for a drive,

                Middle school age, got to make it to 2nd Presidential election speech for Clinton when he was in Portland on Campaign trail!

                Was at various conferences that had Colin Powell, Janet Renno, etc as guest speakers.

                Had lunch at same dinner Kevin Costner was at in Bend, Oregon

                Thats all that comes to mind at moment


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                  I used to live in Brighton.

                  One day - out cycling.... after a steep hill climb I stopped for a rest; sat on a bench looking out to sea........ catching my breath.

                  Chap came and sat down; we had a very British 'small talk' conversation about the weather and cycling..........lasted all of 2 minutes.

                  After I had cycled away I realised it was [Lord - but before he was elevated]
                  Laurence Olivier........

                  Never saw him again.


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                    Met both Ozzy and Tony Iommi a couple of times (through work), bump into the guitarist and vocalist from Magnum every now and again (they are always in my home town - shopping?), a few celebs here and there - and John 'Roper' Saxon!!!


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                      Originally posted by ScottUK View Post
                      ... - and John 'Roper' Saxon!!!
                      He has something of a grimace/rictus........
                      Where is your right hand and what is it doing to the poor chap?


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                        I think that grin is a forced one after I told him I watched Enter the Dragon 25 years ago and it got me into martial arts - and he pulled this face like 'Oh god I am old...'


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                          Maybe it was not a proper VIP but i think the story worth telling...
                          A few years ago, during my honeymoon, i was visiting, together with my wife Niagara Falls.
                          Wanting a photo i ask to a nearby young man if he could shot one.
                          This guy say "sure!" assumed a pose and wait me to go next to him.....
                          I assume the photo pose near my wife, with the falls behind me and watch him perplexed..he understand the situation and a little embarrassed take a shot of us with my camera. Then i thank him and we go away with a smile...
                          Later a realize that there were other guys dressed like him....a national sport team of some sort with the scottish banner on the jacket, and while i was noticing this many girls were asking them autographs/photo.
                          Never discovered exactly who they were....


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                            I briefly met Brian May of Queen at the Mumeishi 3s kendo taikai many many years ago!
                            I think I was ikkyu at the time and I had just been slaughtered by a Japanese 4th or 5th Dan (can't remember which). I came off after my match took my Men off and suddenly realised who I was sitting next to. He said to me "well done you fought well there but he was very good, wasn't he"!
                            He was there with his son, who I heard was actually doing kendo at the time.


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                              I used to work for Granada so I got to see a fair few of the cast for Coronation Street, occasionally Peter Kay, Kenny Baker (R2-D2) popped in once. Outside the studios/canteen in Manchester I saw Scary Spice and David Dickinson, though they weren't together 'together'. Also - David Beckham in WHSmiths in Manchester Airport when Man United were off for a Eurpoean match and I was going on holiday.

                              I also won a competition to go go-karting with the lead-singer of my favorite band Pitchshifter JS Clayden so we've been on friendly terms ever since. Sure he's not A-list [to the rest of the world] by any stretch of the imagination but when you're in a scenario where you meet your idol and there's always that chance they suck, well Jon, his brother Mark and any member of Pitchshifter have always been down to earth, funny, considerate and welcoming.

                              We also bumped into the lead singer of My Ruin/Tura Sutana, the lovely/scary Tairrie B once. She's American but we noticed on a CD cover she thanked some people at the Red Lion pub in Newburgh which concidentally there is a Newburgh with a Red Lion pub just about 5 miles away from where I live but it couldn't possibly be the same one...

                              One or two days after spotting this credit we happened to be driving past the Red Lion only to see a massive tour bus parked up in the car park with some scary rock dudes hanging around outside. She was touring in support of the CD so we got her autograph. She's not exactly Liz Taylor but it was a big surprise.

                              Also - Sebastien Chabal the rugby player in Piccadilly Gardens before Christmas.
                              Also - Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes.
                              Also - Johnny Morris - TV zoo keeper and animal voice G.O.D.
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