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They will make you smile

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  • They will make you smile

    Japan - adding new dimensions to the term "soul-less corporation".

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    sounds like something in a science fiction-horror anime.

    Now I know where they get some of this stuff from. It's real.


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      Those'll be the first ones to start killing people.


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        Smile scans? How Orwellian...
        You how they could boost customer service? By not making me late to work or keiko! Get more staff on the platforms so there are less jumpers and stabbings. They can keep their phony smiles, it's not going to make me loath JR any less.


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          Originally posted by b8amack View Post
          Those'll be the first ones to start killing people.
          At least they'll do it with a smile!!!


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            That's funny. At the Japanese Corporation I work in they have a "Jimmy Kick" machine in the back room. If you look too happy during work you have to submit yourself to a machine that gives you a swift kick to the jimmy to help put that sad, painful, zombie-like look back on your face. Indeed, a blessed life.

            Smiles in Japan are like ninjars.... even if there is one around, you will never see it.

            Now get back into the dojo, slackers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!