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  • Anyone shopped here?


    Just wondering if anyone has bought a bogu from ?

    What are your comments on their gear?

    Is it good?

    I was just looking at their prices and I can't believe it, like 500 bucks for a 2mm set?

    Any comments anyone?


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    Their products are very similar to Sehyun's. A couple of people from our club got their armor from there, so while I can't endorse it personally, I wouldnt hesitate ordering from there.



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      JSchmidt: are you sure the quality of wares is comparable to Sehyun? Indeed, kendoshop sources out of Korea, but their prices, like Meng said, are good cause for suspicion. Not to mention their web site is somewhat buggy.

      Meng - if I were you I'd stick to Moribudo (that's where you got your last bogu order, right?). Otherwise, go with Tozando or Eguchi isn't bad either. They're no bargain basement like Kendoshop, but you'll get what you pay for.


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        I paid about 500 (~$650) for my 2.5mm 'deluxe' bogu from Sehyun, including express air shipping and they too, used to have a cheaper 2mm option. The bogu's my fellow clubmember bought looks very similar in quality to what I have.
        My reasoning is: If you want machine stitched, buy Korean, handmade, then buy Japanese.
        Or, of course, you could pay twice the price for a Japanese machinestiched armor, made in Korea ;D.



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          Over the years I have used or examined bougu from many manufacturers including kendoshop. Their bougu is definitely decent and I would even say that is it equal to or better than the other Korean makers. Yes, their prices are quite fair, I have a feeling that they may OEM most of the Korean made bougu.


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            The Gator Kendo Club uses for purchasing machine stiched bogus.

            I have a 2.5MM Machine stich with Ti Men from, paid approximately 600USD including shipping to the USA for it. I can say that the quality to price is excellent, and I have not had a single problem with my bogu. In fact, it has been complimented several times when I go to other dojos. You can mark this up to politeness, but I do feel their quality is good.

            As far as service goes, they are top notch. They sent me the wrong zekken once, and within a week I had the right one in my hands. Furthermore, on ordering shinai and instock goods, I usually get them in Florida within a week.

            My Club is closing in on spending somewhere in the neighboorhood of 10,000USD with kendoshop (I don't know the exact amount but it is getting up there) and we have not had a single problem.

            Things to note about kendoshop. Their cheap stuff is cheap stuff. I.e. the standard hakama and gi that they sell are single layer, and the hakama is poly. Good for beginners or very hot areas (such as florida) where thick stuff would take too long to dry.

            As far as shinai goes, I have used a few of their shinais, however, I have moved on to other stores. Most of the club uses Ilkum, and they have a very nice weight to them. My personal shinais are from eguchi. I had 2 kendoshop shinais in the past (one model they no longer sell lasted me the entire 9 months I practiced without bogu, but still doing uchikomi). I like the ilkum, but I am a fan of Tozando and Eguchi shinais. As far as shinai goes, I haven't used them, but if they wanna send me a free sample, I will graciously accept :-D.

  's website may be a bit buggy, but I do think their wide selection is nice. You get what you pay for, but you have alot of choice with them.

            As far as the bogu goes.... for machine stitch, the price is right.


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              I am using a few of e-bogus koban shinai at the moment there really good
              Nice think bamboo and amazing balance they feel as light as a feather
              I would recommend trying them, damn good service from them too, my order got messed up they sent it to England instead of Florida, so they fedxed my next order to me with in 48hrs they offered to replace the first order too :>
              (hmm this sounds like a big plug for them)


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                Kendoshop's Items are quite cheap, and they sell Korean made. I own a set from them and I had tried some from Japan boguo shop as well. the real difference is really material used to make them. For things made from kendoshop, you find their cotton is alot more stiff than those made in Japan. And the Men is using some heavier metal (even though both claims to be usingduranium). Well, the price you pay is what you get. But if I have the money, I would buy it from Japan.

                I think the main concern is the service. because I bought mine in Singapore, so in another, I had to get it through teh ditributor in singapore. What concern me, I had afew nightmare with kendoshop items. Shinai breaks on the 1st training...... Men too big, Hakama too long, etc etc ...... (all because the distributor claims it should be OK, etc etc etc)

                PS - The Asia Pacific/Australia region's sole ditributor is situated in Singapore.


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                  Fellas - I heard that is a budo supplies manufacturer, and therefore does not need to mark-up its merchandise, unlike wholesalers and retailers. (ie

                  Hence the good prices...


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                    Bought a pair of 3mm hand-stitched kote from them early last year.
                    Got holes in them kotes in about 8 months.
                    Wouldn't wanna buy anything from those guys from now on.
                    Price never lies.........


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                      I have some stuff from Kendoshop. The 'deluxe kendoshop uniform' kendogi is very nice. The Hakama is not.

                      The 'general uniform' is very very good for the price and I recommend it to all beginners in our club. Even I have one of those 15 U$ poly hakama and it's very nice for Iai, since it does not stick to the floor like cotton and and I don't have to mind rubbing my U$150 cotton hakama on the floor.

                      Their tenugui are not good, except the japanese ones. The rest of the accessories are the same that are sold by japanese stores. Some of the guys here bought their shinai but didn't like it at all.

                      In sum, I would not buy itens such as kote and men from them, It's best to best possible quality on these since they're so much more demanded than do or tare. Otherwise, you have to keep the price vs quality perspective in mind.


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                        I always purchase from Kendoshop. I most recently purchased a new set of 2.5mm bogu and it is very good quality. Most of my club also buys from Kendoshop and we have never had a problem with them. The prices are great too.

                        I admit that there are probably places that have better quality but if you go looking for that be prepared to dish out at least twice the price.


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                          I have a question for those who have purchased from kendoshop......

                          It appears that Kendoshop is currently holding a sale and their prices are relatively attractive right now. I was thinking about purchasing a cheap 2.5mm or 3.0mm machine stitched men and maybe the discounted 60 Bamboo Do for practice.

                          Looking at their embroidery (mune for Men and Do), it looks like they only have 6 choices. Can you just request them to do the Men Ago and Do Mune in plain white,black,red, or blue stitching?

                          Here's an example of the Ago (chin guard) and Mune style/embroidery that I want: Tozando's 1.0 bu Zen Hou.

                          Just a simple bogu without any flash.

                          Can anyone tell me if they offer this style? Even though the bogu will be for practice only, I really don't like the checkerboard, rainbow, or the octogon styles....

                          Any feedback would be appreciated.



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                            Amatsuda sensei

                            I got their paper catalog about three or four months ago and there were many more types of embroidery available. Mail the guy there and ask for his catalog or state *very clearly* what you want, b/c he sometimes is a little confuse to deal with.