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went to my first tournament this weekend

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  • went to my first tournament this weekend

    I went to my first tournament this past weekend. I was amazed at seeing all the people from our region. Lots of different styles of Kendo. We have always been lucky to have sensei from other dojos visiting us, but this was something entirely new. I think it was just the kick in the pants that I needed to continue on my kendo journey. Just wanted to share this feeling.

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    Our Sensei always encourages us to go to a taikai before we decide to enter one ourselves, just to see what it's like in person. It's one thing to watch videos of taikai and shiai matches, but it's a totally different thing to be there yourself and be a spectator in real life.


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      I went to my first Taikai in Steveston, this year.

      The amount of kendoka blew me away and even though I didn't make it far (Read: I got eliminated in my first match), I had a blast.

      I've been trying to practice more, so next year I can do better >=D


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          just out of curiosity ... how long have you done kendo and how mutch did you train in bogu?
          I hope I'll be in the same situation soon

          I wish you tonns of luck and fun in your next shiais!