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  • shinai size

    Hi everybody,
    I've been looking at various websites that sell shinai and I am confused about the sizing method used. (I got my first shinai through my sensei and want to buy another as backup). I see sizes like 38, 37 and 35 and some others. Could anyone tell me what this is all about, how the shinai are measured, etc?

    Thanks for your help!

    burger boy

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    Check this link out for info and go to the About Kendo equipment: Question 9- IKF Regulation Shinai sizes


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      I am pretty sure you will need a 39.


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        hey, i'm five foot six and i use a 38. a shinai of the right length is important. measure the distance from your feet to the spot i the middle of your chest with the liottle plate of bone between your ribs. (spe...something.. i forget the name of the bone, it's 5 am and i'm getting ready for a vacation, that's my excuse.)

        if youre inbetween measurements, round DOWN. Later you can round up, but when you start, a slightly smaller shinai will be better than a slightly long one. anything that makes it lesss awkward to start out with is important.



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          While it's neccessary to use the correct sized shinai - simply a matter of complying with regulation - I think it's just as important to pay attention to the grip size/length. The length of your tsuka makes a big difference on how you play your Kendo, as explained in an earlier thread about shinai types.