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Spam: don't reply, please

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  • Spam: don't reply, please

    Lately there have been a lot of spam posts, which many of you have been replying to. Please stop. They aren't coming back to read your reply, and it will be deleted along with the spam so your wit will be short-lived. If the spam is in an existing thread I have to delete the replies manually, so all you are doing is making more work for me. Pointing out that the post is spam in the thread is not helpful - if I am reading the thread, I will see the spam.

    If you see a piece of spam stick around for more than a day or two, just use the reporting feature (click the little triangle with the exclamation mark) and I will get an e-mail directing me to the offending post.

    If you are having trouble spotting spam, here's a few clues:
    - the user name has numbers in it
    - there is a link in the signature or in the body
    - the post is vague or unrelated to the topic at hand
    - the post is in mangled english
    - the post is not in english at all
    - the post is on-topic but closer inspection shows it is just a cut and paste job from up-thread

    To repeat: stop replying to spam.
    Last edited by Neil Gendzwill; 22nd August 2011, 06:49 AM.

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    Augh.. I REALLY want to reply to the latest one. The one that says, "instead of candy, try passing out boxes of raisins... or [link]nude pics![/linkthing]". Because that's too funny, bot or no. But I restrained myself, for you, Neil.


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      Processed meat on this place is quite fitting me thinks,
      Keep up the good work Spammers, who ever you are :-) :-) :-)