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All Japan Taikai - Tokyo prelims....a mixed bag!

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  • All Japan Taikai - Tokyo prelims....a mixed bag!

    No Hatakenaka! He lost to a Uni student.....1st Uchimura2nd Matsuwaki (also a copper)3rd Tanaka (aforementioned student!)3rd Yamamoto (NTT, if I'm not mistaken)Not a good day for the fuzz, by all accounts......that's the first time I can think of only two rozzers getting to the last 4!Tanaka is another of the Uchimura and Hatakenaka mould, in that so far, he's won bloody everything!*And while a Uni student in the senshuken is not rare, getting in from Tokyo is.....

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    Kanagawa was business as usual though, Takanabe and Shodai through to the big one.


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      Sweet, can't wait!

      Is Tanaka comparitively tall? These Uni students seem to be getting bigger these days...

      Thanks for the update Gibbo.


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        Uni students in Japan are tall*

        I'm probably the shortest male Kenshi in any Australian University!


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          Actually......he's not a student anymore! Oops! Recent grad I think......oopsy! Not quite as impressive as being a student, but still, beating Hatakenakanakanaka is not bad...


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            Semi finals - Uchimura vs Tanaka

            Finals - Uchimura vs Matsuwaki


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              damn, and hatakenanakanakanakanaka just got on the cover of kendo nippon! what uni is the uni student from? another kokushikan dude?


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                Cool, thanks for posting up the links Tsunemori.

                I thought Matsuwaki's kote was payable at about 2.40... not that the camera reveals everything and not that I disagree with the shimpan, just how it looked in the vid - I'm sure the shimpan have a better idea of whether or not it was datotsu.

                And Tanaka doesn't look much taller than Uchimura, but man didn't Uchimura dominate that match!! I'm already excited about the senshuken and it's only September...


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                  Have you noticed that magnificent tsuki in Tsunemori's first vid at 3:00?


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                    Originally posted by Panzerfaust View Post
                    Have you noticed that magnificent tsuki in Tsunemori's first vid at 3:00?
                    I forgot to mention it happens in the background.