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A sincere apology to the forum.

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  • A sincere apology to the forum.

    I would like to just apologize to everyone, it seems that some threads have been closed due to my stupidity of writing unecessary things that do not help in the furthering of our knowledge of please forgive me, I will make sure that I will not get carried away with mentioned by Meng before that "This forum is a kendo forum but after a while you come familiar with fellow members and it becomes like a chat session"...therefore I did not have any intention of doing bad, I just simply got carried away with trying to make a few friends over the I do sincerely apologize. Furthermore, if Hamsih or Alex decide to ban me, as I am pretty sure they will get a few complaints about me, I will totally understand.

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    Nah. No one is kicking you out!
    If it wasn't of people who doesn't know much about Kendo (like myself), this place wouldn't be a popular forum for beginners. If this was a place where only 8th Dan and professors can discuss, I'd stop typing and hide myself.
    Happy posting. Happy Kendo.


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      No worries mate

      Hey Kenshi,

      of course nobody would get kicked out of the forum!! The administrators are going through some pruning exercises to make sure that the threads stay on topic. The threads and posts are a great resourse for people to think and learn more about their kendo, and we want to make sure it stays that way. If people want to chat about other things indireclty related, we would ask them to do so in the General Chat section, so that people viewing the threads don't feel that they have to wade through a whole lot of personal chitchat to get to the crux of the issue which is supposed to be discussed. Hamish is also looking at the option of a chat room, but I'm sure he will get back to everybody on that one.

      Thank you all for contibuting to these forums. They are a great source of enjoyment for everyone. Please don't feel guilty or sad if some posts get moved to more appropriate sections or removed at the discretion of the administrators. Also, please try to keep on the topic.