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    Is anyone there like to play video games?I'm a sucker o' Sony Playstation games,especially samurai games such as Onimusha and Tenchu series.In Onimusha 2,Yagyu Jubei do his moves in a strange way(push square,squre,square and square) to perform his 4 slashs.The final one is the makko giri but I wonder what is the name of the first 3 slash? Any one know?

    By the way ,in konami's SHIN JIDAI GEKI ACTION RASETSU NO KEN(soul of the samurai or Ronin Blade),the man character slashes 3 times continously.What is the name of these moves? (Kesa giri ,maybe?)

    Or, These moves do not esixted in real life and these are just fantasy of the actor,anyway?