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Sakuradamon Incident on TBS

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  • Sakuradamon Incident on TBS

    For those in Japan, next week (2 May) the Sakuradamon Incident of 1860 (there's a later unrelated one in Showa Period) will feature on Seikino Waidosho-! Konya-wa Hisutori (世紀のワイドショー!ザ・今夜はヒストリー) on TBS at 7:55pm.

    This is a weekly history show in the format of mock news in which modern news reporting is mixed with historic incidents, people, etc. It's usually a bit hookey but informative. Since the Sakuradamon Incident is one of the most renown historic event involving Japanese swordsmanship I thought I'd share it here.

    Here is a link to the show's homepage.

    NB: Japan's TBS, not the US cable channel.