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I've grown weak.

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  • I've grown weak.

    Hey KendoCommunity,

    Its been awhile since i last posted and just to say something, hey!
    During my kendo journey i seem to have lost some skill with school and graduation closing in things are getting rough, not to mention its soccer season so i barely have time to go to kendo at all.
    So i'd like to say is this normal? i feel at times i want to quit for the stuff coming in, in the future...
    but my brother says balance it, everyone said to balance it but i can't because one of my grades is stunk and im getting a lot tired everytime i practice... So by your experience is this normal?

    Thanks, Samuel

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    Worry about grades first. After that there are a few other things that still come before kendo (family, friends, etc.). In the work world grades/school gets replaced by work expectations though things become a bit less clear if you're in a job where you have a lot of control over your own time (also employers don't necessarily encourage you to have a life unlike most schools so in some cases you really do have to make an effort to force yourself out of the office).

    Juggling between soccer and kendo though is a personal call you have to decide for yourself.

    While I've not yet felt like quitting completely, occasionally the motivation to go to the dojo isn't there but like brushing teeth I feel like I have to do it and 99% of the time I'm very glad I decided to go after all. But sometimes more important things do get in the way.


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      This is normal...but you have to consider that kendo is not the only thing and in many cases not even the most important thing in your life. Your brother is 100% right and sounds like a very wise person.


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        I agree with Dillon: When it comes to school, career, family and such kendo can wait, kendo will wait, kendo won't go anywhere.

        When it comes to other hobbies and spare time activities, it's your call and yours alone.


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          As others have said, there are more important things in life and sometimes kendo has to take a back seat at least for a time. However, I approach stuff like this not by asking should I quit, but rather by asking do I want to continue. If the answer is yes then one can usually find a way to continue even in the face of adversity by making some adjustments.


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            Thanks guys, all of your replies and encouragement give me the strength to keep on doing kendo.
            Im gonna get off kendo for awhile till my 1st class grade is good, and to make my mark on the soccer team by going to there practices.
            so kendo will indeed wait till the bombs stopped dropping. thanks again!