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Martial Arts Hall of Fame ~ Anybody else?

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  • Martial Arts Hall of Fame ~ Anybody else?

    Apparently, I've hit the big time.

    Dear [tango],

    Congratulations! This letter is to inform you that you have been nominated for induction in the 2012 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. The USMAHOF is the original and most prestigious Martial Arts Hall of Fame.


    Your Hall of Fame induction fee of $200 is due by May 30th, 2012. Fee includes: banquet, dinner, entertainment, and your induction awards. The cost for each guest is $60.00, including children.


    If you accept this honor, please complete the enclosed acceptance form and return it NOW with your induction fee to: Prof. Marty Cale .....
    Suck it, haters! haha...

    Anyway, the whole class and I got a good laugh about it last night. I joked about perhaps being the first person ever to have a chance to be promoted to HANSHI 4.dan ... hehe...

    Anybody else get one of these recently (or ever)?

    My trash can here at the office is filling up quickly this morning...

    Hrmmm.. maybe I should write these guys back and start "nominating" some folks from KW....

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    I got one of those about 10 years ago. I feel robbed though as they wanted $200 in fees PLUS another $50 for banquet. Somehow I just didn't get around to sending them my check.


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      I bet we got a lot of hall of famers all up in here....


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        Wow, very funny. One has to wonder where their mailing list stems from?


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          Honestly, I think they just pulled it off the AUSKF website and sent it to the club contact (me). I wouldn't be surprised if several club contacts in the AUSKF got the same letter recently..


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            I got one. You mean it's not legitimate???? OMG, I'm so disappointed. My student when asked declined to pay for it as we laughed our butts off.


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              I've gotten one. Funny thing, some iaido sensei out on the West Coast actually list it in their accreditations, AND have also completed their "Doctorate" from either the same or a similar organization.
              Needless to say, I didn't go.