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Football Related Brain Injuries Climb

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  • Football Related Brain Injuries Climb

    According to a report from researchers at the University of North Carolina, catastrophic brain injuries linked to full-contact football are increasing at an appalling rate. Reportedly, most brain injuries are occurring among high school athletes and preliminary indications suggest that athletic trainers and coaches should reconsider how they instruct their players on the rudimentary skills of the sport. According to researchers, the number of brain related injuries that result in permanent damage has been steadily climbing since the team first began to collect data. The researchers, allegedly began to publish their reports and gather information, nearly 48 years ago and their work has been credited with the significant reduction in the number of football related deaths.

    In order to combat the increase in brain related injuries, researchers reportedly are recommending that the coaching staff be trained to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and remove those players until a physician had been consulted. In addition, educating the players themselves on the inherent dangers of using the head in blocking or tackling and encouraging referees to throw a penalty flag when they witness an illegal tackle would go a long way in keeping this sport safer.

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