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  • Hara Kiri Movie

    the trailer is up for the remake of Hara Kiri. THe original is one of my favourite Samurai films.

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    I got the DVD for Father's Day this weekend [along with Super 8, a t-shirt, Dave Gorman's new book, socks, pants and a massive Toblerone - not sure what I did to deserve all this though] haven't watched it yet though.


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      It'll be interesting to see what the remake is like. I watched the original again about a year ago and it really held up -- mostly because it is a taut psychological thriller, rather than an action flick. The director of the remake -- Takashi Miike -- is no slouch himself when cranking up the psychological tension (one of the creepiest movies of all time, "Audition") so it'll be interesting to see what he's done with this source material.


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        I went to the Premier at the Sydney Film Festival (Was at a dinner where the curator overheard my GF talking about Batto and he gave me free tickets!). It's really long and filmed in a very traditional, theatre method - most action takes place in single rooms etc.

        The beginning is pretty brutal and unexpected - I was sure someone hurled in the cinema!

        There isn't a huge amount of sword work but the last scene is worth the wait.