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  • Fancy Schmancy Tenegui

    Anyone know where to get tenegui online that aren't your garden variety generic ones, I want to get another one, and I figure I might as well see if I can find a nice one-

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    Fancy Schmancy

    Just how fancy.....Check out Tozando's can design about anything you problem....I think you have to minimum order 100 pieces.....maybe your dojo would like to design their own


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      hmmm, not really what I was thinking of, don't need that many- I was thinking more of ones with some unique designs on them, as opposed to one that has a specific dojo affilliation printed on it


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        stinky (if i may be so familiar)

        ask someone you know in japan to buy you a hand towel. it's the same thing. i have some outrageous tenegui, one with big 70s spots on a pale blue background, another one with a kabuki samurai... just make sure you specify that it has to be the plain cotton hand towel kind. they're a bit stiffer than a normal tenegui, which I like, to be honest.

        Back before the big economic bubble burst, you used to get free towels everywhere. one of the kids at my school has a tenegui from a noodle shop...



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          My friend recently returned from Japan and Korea and he brought back a tenegui that was an advertisement for a kendo shop in Japan. I thought it was pretty funny, it had their phone number and everything on it.


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            It's pretty common for kendo shops to give out tenugui with their shops name, address and phone numbers when someone buys stuff from them. I have a bunch of those myself! I'm cheap, and what I wear under my men is the least of my worries, so I go for the freebies...


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              Re: Fancy Schmancy Tenegui

              Originally posted by stinkyKote
              Anyone know where to get tenegui online that aren't your garden variety generic ones,
              Train hard enough and long enough and you will recieve heaps of tenuguis as presents.