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Do you do Sogo-no-kakari-geiko?

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  • Do you do Sogo-no-kakari-geiko?

    Dear Kendo Friends,

    Usually we do kakari-geiko and as you all know, in a short period we do strike the motodachi.
    But, what about sogo-no-kakari-geiko? Do you use this method in your keiko at your Dojo?
    I heard that in Japan, for high school student kendo practices, they do this kind of keiko. Its a mutual kakari-geiko! Doing the kakari-geiko at the same time in a short period!
    But, as for me, Im near the 40s isnt it too violent?
    Anyone has experienced the sogo-no-kakari-geiko or use to do very often in your Dojo?
    Correct me if Im wrong about the meaning of this method of practice.


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    Luis....I am not familiar with this type of practice....please tell us more.....also what do you consider violent or too violent.....and near 40's is a youngster to me just a few months away from 50...Jerry


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      Is that the same as ai-kakari-geiko?..if so, we do it from time to time. Hard, but good for a multitude of things.



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        Dear Friend Jerry,

        As you know, we usually practiced Kakari-geiko and one of us will do the Motodachi. So, the other person will strike with all his power using all the waza as possible without thinking of being struck or dodged. So, now imagine the two persons engaging and doing at the same time the strike in the Sogo-no-kakari-geiko!? In others words, the two persons doing the Kakari-geiko at the same time, none of them will be the Motodachi!?

        In Kakari-geiko, usually we get quite tired and exhausted, especially when we are practicing in Japan or in a very serious Dojo with many practitioners.

        Maybe, my word of violent here means also confusing! But, it doesnt mean in a negative perspective!



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          I believe it's the same as ai-kakari-geiko. And yes, we do it almost every practice. It's such a festival of clashes and strikes that you have to check the strings out after the session ( about one minute ) is over.

          It's interesting in the sense that it's almost like keiko but you deliver youserlf completely in each strike, and you strike without thinking.

          But yea, it's quite tiresome, but not that much. I'm 23 by the way.

          Alex Polli


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            Dear Jakob,

            Ai-kakari-geiko, as the word say, I think that is the same. Please, confirm for us: Sogo-no-kakari-geiko same as Ai-kakari-geiko?
            And, its good that youre doing in your Dojo. Tell us more about this method of practice, when you have a time.



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              Dear Alex,

              Obrigadissimo pela confrimacao!

              Thanks! It's good that not only in Japan is doing this kind of practice.



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                We also practise that type of kakari-geiko sometimes. The length of time that you practise however is very short. Under two minutes usually. It's great to break yourself of the habit of blocking all the time.


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                  I discovered that in every Jikeiko I had, there must be a few minutes that I turned into "Kakari-geiko Mode"-- non stop attacks in one breath ... And most of the time my opponent will also accommodate that by switching into "Kakari-geiko Mode" too. Ended up doing Ai-Kakari-geiko
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                    kakari geiko

                    Yeah, we do this too in Northern Cal. I'm pretty sure others do this as well.

                    At the roughest, we had 2-3 rounds of kakari-geiko alternating and 1-2 rounds of kakari-geiko simultaneously from both sides (or sogo as you call it). The sogo is ok until you keep slamming into the other guy and jamming a thumb..



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                      In my dojo, ai-kakari is usually done in the few months leading up to a tournament. It is usually done about 2 minutes per pair, 5 times, more if the spirit is flagging...

                      Although in the past couple years, we haven't been doing this as much (I wish we did).

                      For the most part, we only have experienced members practice ai-kakarigeiko, b/c those who have played only a short time cannot yet do it correctly and so do not reap the benefits (for beginners, it is just normal kakarigeiko w/ a motodachi).