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    Im about to buy a new bogu and Im kind of thinking about a do with another color than black.
    Im thinking about the old saying about the nail that sticks up... I dont want to be that nail. Im not the kind of guy who likes flashy stuff I just think that black is a bit dull and that a colored do would look better.

    What do you think?

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    Hi Henriksson,

    What about dark brown or dark red ? Seems to be a good solution that it's not black while the color is not so " bright " that the do becomes a good target for your opponent.

    I wear dark red do myself.


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      I am thinking about a red or blue do. I think Ill go for the blue one. Color number 2 at ninecircles.


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        Why not? It's your Do anyway, so, 'any colour you like' is fine i think.

        But beware, coloured Do draws attention at tournies. Also, I hope your sensei will not want to introduce Do kirikaeshi after that

        Go for it man, don't worry about that. In the end, all that matter is kendo, not colours.



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          Colorful dou are popular nowadays and widely accepted. It is a reflection of personal taste, so I agree with alexpollijr.
          Besides, maybe it will give you an edge when you encounter someone new. They might be distracted by your dou, giving you an opportunity to attack!


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            Heh, This guy had a pink "no fear" sticker where the mon usually is. I saw him crack a few people who where mesmerised by it. Heh, I can still see the "what the f*ck look on their faces..."

            I use a sorta molten gold coloured DO, so its not bright gold but more darker. my second set is all black though, and I use that for shiai.



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              well.. if you worry about being too flashy becasue of the colour...
              one of my senior have a do which is red... but the pattern is, red at the start (top)... and slowly fad to a black (bottom) of the do... looks quite nice...



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                The way that I picked my do colour was because of my name. My last name is Rose, so I picked the black rose colour from Kendoshop. It is not only a great colour (a deep purply red) but it is a reflection of me!

                My boyfriend has a do of the same colour qpuppy was talking about with red fading to black.


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                  Thanks for all the replies. Ill go for the blue one Im pretty sure. Too bad I have to wait 6-8 weeks before ninecircles get one in stock...


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                    My new do is going to be colored because my mom was complaining on how she couldn't tell which one was me at the tournaments...


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                      Yeah Andreas, go for a colour, black is so hard to hit !



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                        I got given a lovely one, 80 piece bamboo in a sort of golden brown with mother of pearl flecked inlay. If anyone hits it while I'm sparring, I polish it with my elbow. While they laugh or groan, I hit them back....

                        Tim Hamilton


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                          Why is everyone so opposed to the traditional, sleek, black do? I never understood all the fancy stuff - do with embedded seashell pieces, paintings of dragons, falling maple leaves, etc...

                          If you can get hold of those black do with the sandy, non-shiny texture, I think that would be ideal. It's a nice, conservative traditional look without the risk of getting the do all scratched up.


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                            3tone sunburst would be nice, with the core color a bit
                            dark.. Thats how I like my strat.

                            But with bogu's , I like conservative ones.
                            Black or really really dark rose


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                              Olaf, I do not think people are opposed to the traditional black dou, it is just that there are so many choices of color/pattern available now to suit one's taste.

                              I prefer the old styles, the deep dark reddish-brown lacquer finish is my favorite, but the black lacquer finish is hard to beat.

                              The only pattern I dislike is imitation woodgrain, it reminds me of a modern car's dashboard.