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Getting work visa in Japan

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  • Getting work visa in Japan

    Ok, so I've made initial contact with a possible employer in Japan...while I doubt it's going to happen, I thought that at least it would be worth trying.
    They've made it clear that getting a visa will be entirely up to me...does anyone have any experience with that?..especially non-teachers.?

    As far as I can understand from looking at the embassy visa information, I will need a certificate of eligibility and hopefully I can get the company in question to at least do that.

    Any info/experiences would be helpful


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    From what I can remember from the JET program and my last trip to japan...

    We needed to fax the japanese embassy a bank statement to show we had the funds to survive in japan. For a tourist about $100 per day.

    Also we needed to provide an address of residence but in your case your employer's letter of offer.

    You will need to show that you can survive until your first paycheque. Meaning a bank statement with around $3000. Remember you have to pay rent amongst other things.

    I remember the English teaching school I was applying for offered to advance you half a month's salary to help settling down. About $2500 AUD.

    hope this helps