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    I am considering chucking it all in her and going to Japan on the JET programme.

    Anyone done it or doing it?

    Did you enjoy it and consider it worthwhile?

    any thoughts or suggestions?

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    This is hearsay, but better than nothing...
    My boyfriend's cousin went on two JET terms and had a wonderful time while building up experience (and big $) so he could eventually become a full-fledged teacher.

    I applied for the JET program, got interviewed, but withdrew before getting my assignment (which means I can apply again if I choose to) because I was offered a scientific co-op position more in line to where my career's going. That little summer job has led me to a PhD candidacy in one of the best departments in the world for my field of research. Funny how things work out, ne? However, if I was going to teach elementary or secondary school, I would have accepted the JET on the spot.

    But hey, maybe if you like kendo enough to go, like teaching schoolchildren and don't mind the commitment, then why not? By the way, Japanese students in class are way more well-behaved than what I've seen here, at least when I went to Japan for 3 months oh-so long ago...the hard part will be getting them to speak up during English class!

    I'd recommend contacting the JET Alumni chapter nearest you to get the best possible insight on what the JET program is like. And if there's someone in the forum who can help, so much the better.


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      Hello again Matthew

      Theres an upside and a downside to the Jet program. You hear stories of an enjoyable experience and horror stories too

      Check in here to read some interesting comments.

      It really seems to have a lot to do with where you get posted to and the general attitude of the people you work with that can range from honoured guest to "that damn foreigner".

      An old JALT guide summed things up in saying that. "If you have any delusions of actually coming here to teach forget it. Enjoy the different cultural experience, have fun and take the money!

      You won't get to morning Kendo practices but evening ones won't be a problem. My advice is try and get posted to a city. A lot of the problems seem to be in country locations. A Canadian friend (Iaido Yondan) got stuck on an island off Nagasaki for two years. Try Saga? I can find you lots a good practice for you to do after work and soon get you enjoying being hit on the head!

      Regards Hyaku


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        I think Kuri might have one or two words to say on this topic...



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          Originally posted by ben
          I think Kuri might have one or two words to say on this topic...
          Confound too?



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            For those interested in training in Japan:

            You can look for a job here


            Hope it helps



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              I'm a JET, about a month into my second year. Yeah, there are definitely ups and downs to the job, and it's definitely true that your experience can depend a lot on where you get placed (even JETs in two neighboring towns can have vastly different situations), but overall I think it's a pretty good program. End me a private message or email if you want more detailed info or have more specific questions!



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                I'll be honest:

                I'm in my second year. 1/3 of JETs are sexually or physically assaulted or harassed in their workplace. You do not want to do JET unless you're ready to become one of those statistics. Let me detail a few examples:

                my own long list of times that i was physically assaulted in my school (IN CLASS)
                a JET in my ken whose male students regularly masturbated openly in her class
                a JET in a neighbouring ken whose male students grabbed his genitals and fondled him to see 'how big gaijin-sensei's chinpo-chan is'
                another ALT who was actually sexually assaulted by a coworker
                A male alt who was threatened by some of his students outside the classroom....

                just some examples off the top of my head. You don't hearthe truth in North America. They will feed you lies, telling you how delightful life is in Japan.

                No one will mention the lack of central heating, the possibility of getting exciting diseases. (I am now facing blindness before I turn 50 thanks to a rare disease contracted through malpractice at the hands of a japanese eye doctor who I have no power to prosecute, since I'm not a 'person' under Japanese law.)

                Anyway. Everyone scoffs at my advice. Feel free to scoff too, but when you've been here a year and a bit, come talk to me again. I bet you i'll call you a smartypants then.


                ps - more than a few words, hyaku. for a more balanced account of my year yere, visit my website.
                therein is a record of many of the major events of the past year. with the exception of the korean guy who tried to sexually assault me while I was correcting his paper on maxwell's equation. last time I ever offered to proofread anything for anyone.


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                  Hey Confound

                  1) Good to have to back around again. Good to go to the "view new posts" and see 25 from you...

                  2) Is your eye still in danger? I remember someone posting something to say it was curable...? For flips sake, go back to Canada if you have to....

                  3) A third is a depressing statistic...where did it come from out of interest?

                  Take care




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                    I obviously can't dispute Confound's experiences (they're different from my own, but duh, everyone has different experiences), but I too wonder about the 1/3 statistic. Although I suppose it depends how you define "harassed in the workplace." If you mean the guy who wandered into the Board of Education office drunk once and started yelling at everybody (not just me, although he eventually sort of singled me out because I'm the foreigner), then yeah, I guess I've been harassed too. But I've had drunk guys yell at me in many different countries, and much more often in the US! Yes, I know other JETs who have also had experiences that could be qualified as harassment, like one friend who had a guy masterbating outside her window one night. But she reported it to the police, who took it seriously and began patrolling around her neighborhood at night. Never happened again, and she renewed for a second year and views that incident as an exception, and she would still recommend Japan and the JET Program.

                    "Feel free to scoff too, but when you've been here a year and a bit, come talk to me again. I bet you i'll call you a smartypants then."

                    I've been here a year and bit, and would be happy to talk to you -- or anyone else. No, I admit that Japan isn't a perfect country. But I have yet to find a place that is, and speaking for myself (NOT for all JETs), I've been having a wonderful time.



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                      The 1/3 statistic comes from a report submitted to CLAIR 3 years ago. Many people who saw parts of it published have been trying to get their hands on the whole document, but CLAIR denies it exists. It does exist, a survey has been done of JETs about abuse, but no one wants to admit it. Standard Japanese cover-up.

                      About my eyes: the disease was in remission for a while. however, it has recently returned with a vengeance. i suspect it's making a home for itself in my ears too, but who knows. until I see blood, i'm not going back to these incompetent monkey-brained doctors.

                      o, and if anyone can get their hands on that document, do send it to me post-haste.