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    I know this isn't that kendo related, but im sure there are some people on the forum that could possibly help me. I was intrested in the exchange student program, and I heard from one of my teachers that you have to know the language to be an exchange student in that country. I dont know if this is true, but iv been doing some research and nothing seems to place rules on what you do/do not have to know. But if this is the case, I also looked up foreign language schools in my area, and the cost is absurdly $34 an hour for Japanese (which is what I need to learn). So if I do need to learn Japanese, do you have any suggestions on this? All this talk of going to Japan and training there and going to college has really gotten my mind going on this, so if you could possibly point me in the right direction for where to start, I would very muchly appreciate it.
    Thanks again.

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    well, when i transfer to a university the one I want to go to has japanese courses. It also has an asian studies program that you can go abroad for several simesters. I'm going to try and get into that. Hopefully I will be able to.


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      If there are any community colleges where you live, you can check them out and see if they offer Japanese courses. That might be the cheapest alternative instead of paying a tutor by the hour.

      Based on your age, I am assuming that you have a another year or so to go to college. You could take the route that I took and teach myself Japanese until I can enroll into a course in college. It could at least satiate your appetite for learning Japanese until then. Another benefit is if you take the placement exam in college, you can get bumped up a few levels. That could help with the language requirement since you may only have 2 courses to go instead of 4.

      Also, check around and look at the colleges you want to go to. It really depends on the program whether or not you need to know any Japanese or not. each one is different, so I would check that out first.

      *Note: This is just assuming that you are not in college yet or whatever. If you are, then just skip the preparations and sign up for a class the next time you are able.


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        Well, my method for learning Japanese is pretty similar to that of Anime's. I'm currently in the process of learning japanese(by teaching myself through books) until I can take it as a course in college.


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          Depends totally on the exchange program, but most I would have thought would be aimed at those that can't speak the language in the first place.