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    I have been contacted by an individual wishing to sell a early edo period sword in miltary mountings. The individual is in europe. Since I already have some swords I am not really in the market for any more. The price is $400 US which is very reasonable. He needs the money according to his contact info. I would be happy to forward his message to anyone interested. It has pictures and particulars. Contact me at and put sword in the subject line. The blade is suitable for iaido based on the length and pictures he sent.

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    Pawel Tomasz Nowak has a bad reputation, and I believe I saw this same set of pictures (with a different description) on e-Bay a while back. Here's one bit of information on him I found in a quick google search - that happens to have the same message Marsten-sensei received:;read=1230


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      And, you can also do a search about him on e-budo. He has a VERY bad rep! He sends this drivel to people all the time. He's just a scammer.



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        The UNSW Kendo Club received an email not too long ago exactly with that description too!


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          The good news is people are aware of him. The more places he is listed as a scammer the less likely he is to succeed.


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            Originally posted by jmarsten
            The good news is people are aware of him. The more places he is listed as a scammer the less likely he is to succeed.
            I received the same note early this year. I told him if he sends the sword to me, I'll evaluate the sword and either return it to him or buy it. He suggest I pay half first. When I said No he stop e-mailing me. The photo of the swrod he sent were the copies from some website selling Japanese Sword. The e-mail text is exactly the same.. The lazy guy didn't even bother to change it from time to time..:-(


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              Pawel Nowak

              I have been contacted by Pawel in the past also. As soon as I saw the initial post I thought it smelled of this gentleman's noxious aroma as well.

              If one does a search he has a history of ripping people off and there are warnings about him posted concerning scams he's pulled dealing with antiquities non-martial arts related. ( Treasure seeking etc.. )

              I was sure we'd see him popping up with a different name or a different partner working with him soon.

              It is unfortunate that merely by virtue of being a member of this forum that we have all become targets for this kind of opportunist. But being forewarned is being forearmed!

              It is a good thing that jmarsten was not in need of a sword.