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    i just thought you'd want to know that i'm having my new bogu and shinai delivered to my office today, and that its lunchtime already and it hasn't appeared and i simply can't bear the excitement any more, and my colleagues just don't get it....

    but i know you guys will.

    than i have to get it home on the underground during rush hour.


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    ...and resist the urge to open it at the office in childlike glee while all your colleagues go, "Oh, my he drooling?!?"

    Heh, I know the feeling man. When my bogu arrived...geez...I wasn't expecting it to come for another week. I was late to meet my girlfriend, opened my apartment door and there it was. A box with koei budogu stamp on it and my name. Joy!...nevertheless I was about another 1/2hour late...eep


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      New Bogu

      I remember that feeling well. It's like being eight and Christmas Eve.

      The best way to get it home..... Wear it

      You can break it in and start to get it soft and scare all the cockney communters. I know I'm generalising but hey I'm from God's own country (Yorkshire for the uneducated) and everyone from south of Sheffield is a cockney.


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          too late about the drool thing i'm afraid.

          i just tried the kote on, got blue die all over my hands and shirt, but i don't care!

          they fit!!

          they forgot to send me the shinai i ordered with it but you can't win them all.

          it's so beautiful i could cry!!


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            heehee...enjoy mate! I bet you will be standing in front of the mirror tonight in full gear going...sweeet!


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              Just Bogu !!

              I hope he is more than just his Bogu

              Seriously enjoy you bogu mate. It's a great feeling when you don't have to wear more padding than you do bogu !!!


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       he's hooked...bogu are like drugs man...once you get get greedy and want more...


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                  Drugs ....

                  Yep but if only the first one's where free !!


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                    you know i'll have it on the second i get home!

                    keiko is not until thursday now!! how can i wait??

                    its all too much.

                    it is like being a kid at christmas. what a rush!!


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                      Hey Matt

                      I shall look forward to helping "break in" your new bogu

                      Meanwhile, make sure you do your bit and make sure the men-dare are well bent-up before Thursday, otherwise with the downwards pressure from the flaps you'll feel like your men is fighting you as well as everyone else

                      Be careful of creasing, mind.....




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                        Im waiting for a 3 mm bogu from ninecircles myself. Ordered it 2 months ago and they just e-mailed the guy i ordered with and told him they sent the bogu a long time ago... Hopefully it will arive before this week is over. CANT WAIT!!


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                          i got a 2.5 mm being crafted, i dare not send more mails asking for when it's finished, as the people at tozando will probably go "that's IT shallow westerner!!!! we've had it!!! for the final time, IT'S NOT FINISHED! in fact, you're getting a refund, because we used it to fuel the company BBQ!!! go away, order from somone else!" hehehe
                          shit, i feel like one of those annoying kids in a car "are we there yet?" heheheh


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                            well, i've christened it now, and overall i'm very pleased. a few problems with the men himo stretching, still needs a bit of padding, but basically.................



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                              I'll give yer a nice kieko once its all settled in next year when i arrive on yer shores dude. Do I look for the person with the fresh new bogu and the big grin on his face?