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  • The most impression book?

    Please teach me your most impression book about Kendo in which you had already read !

    I am happy to have your comment about the book.


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    You mean most impressive book, right? There are few in english language, but again the most useful one is Kendo: The Definitive Guide (Osawa Hiroshi). The most interesting one though I think is 'This is Kendo'.


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      The Heart of Kendo

      The heart of Kendo is not a bad book. But only for the stories from the author from when he was talking to his sensei. I wasn't very impressed with the Kata description's

      It's a while since I've read it but, that was my impression at the time.

      As the other books mentioned, should be compulsory reading for anyone who does Kendo.

      Also the new ZNKR book on Kata should be read.

      The Shambala book on Kendo is not bad but it appears to be a watered down version of another book, by a Japanese man but I can't remember his name, sorry


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        The two that Alex mentions are good for beginners and people new to kendo. But for yudansha there are still very few good books in English. Minoru Kiyota's kendo book ("The Shambhala Guide to Kendo") was developed from his syllabus of teaching kendo in the Dept of Kinesiology at UW Madison (USA), so yes, it's a bit "watered down".

        Really the articles translated in KW are the most advanced writings in English on kendo I reckon.



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          Shambhala Guide to Kendo

          Minoru Kiyota's that's the bloke I couldn't remember his name for the life of me.

          The full length version is very good. A little heavy going though.

          I didn't know it was taken from his university syllabus.

          The Kendo World Articles have all been very good, and written in a way that they appeal to everyone, not just Yondan and above. I think that is probably one of te best aspects of KW.

          No matter what grade you are you can pick up the latest issue and get something of value from it.


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            The Kendo Reader, by Noma Hisashi... anyone read it?
            I thought it was quite good.

            It's available for download her:

            (edit: I have it in a word document ready for printing, cleaned up the layout abit, and got rid of most of the typos. If anyone wants it, pm me, and I'll mail it to you)
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              Thank you very much,everyone !
              I would like to challenge if I get the books which you introduce.
              I have an interest about the difference of expression between Japanese and English book.


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                "The Sword of no sword", a book about yamaoka tesshu, by john stevens.


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                  For beginners interested in pointers on all the basics of ettiquete (sp?) and kata (which are really well outlined):

                  Nippon Kendo Kata: Instruction Manual

                  It's great too because it has all the Japanese writing for the names of all the parts of the shinai and katana and various other kendo terms if you happen to need to know them. Yet another wonderful present from sensei.


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                    "Harumph" to Tesshu!

                    That means I'd second the vote for Sword of No Sword . After about a year of iai and disdain (based upon ignorance and foul guidance) I read it, and realized kendo was the way to go. Very inspiring!


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                      Sword of no Sword... great book about an extra-ordinary man, but a little lacking on the technical or cencepts behind Kendo. Dont get me wrong its one of the best books based around Kendo that I have read. But for a more manual type book I would have to say Kendo: The Definitive Guide (Osawa Hiroshi) leads the way. (at least in english )


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                        The "Definitive Guide"

                        I guess I'll pick it up. It gets a lot of positive reviews.