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  • Grading In The Uk

    I was just looking at the grading application form for the British Kendo Association and was wondering about:

    1) Grades in the UK. In the application it shows IKKYU as the only Mudansha grade. So there is no other kyu grades in the UK?

    2) It looks like my next grading will be in the UK. I am currently a SANKYU. So what will I have to do to grade? It says I have to apply for permission from the President of my association. Do I have to provide a written letter from him?

    3) If I join the BKA, do I need to do the above?

    4) If I grade, what kyu will I be going for? IKKYU?

    5) Anything else I missed?


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    1. Ikkyu is only 'official' kyu-grade and for the most people, it's the first grade they take. They do from time to time, have what they call 'open gradings' where you will be given a grade (depending on performance from 6th to 2nd kyu (I think).

    2. You'll need to join the British Kendo Association anyway (for insurance reasons), so you can just apply normally through the BKA. If you are planning to take a grading shortly after you arrive, it might be worth getting permission from your own organisation before you leave, just in case.

    3. See above

    4. Yes



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      Hi ,KhawMengLee.....I think if you contact your association regarding your plans to test here in the U.K. they will inform you better as to what you need to do. As for the B.K.A grading system, yes ikkyu is the first official grade of the B.K.A, all other kyu grades are the responsibility of the individual dojo. As long as your association has no problem with it, i cant see why you wouldnt be testing for ikkyu here in Britian.In Britian, we can actually go from no grade to ikkyu over night, but, i have done the test, and the grading panel consisted of a rokudan and 2 nanadans, and although i passed, alot didnt...what im saying is the standards are good. We are lucky to have such a good high level of kendoka here in the U.K....i think you'll do well, and i think you'll enjoy it.