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  • Shinpan

    I would like to know what a shinpan is looking for in a cut for it
    to be awarded a yuko-datotsu. Is there more emphasis on the sound the shinai makes as it strikes the various points on the body? Is spirit, zanshin more important??
    I once asked a experienced shinpan this question and he replied that he would award the point by placing himself in the position of the person receivng the cut and ask himself "would that have cut my armour?" If so he would award the point.

    Look forward to some insights!
    John W
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    The nature of a subjective sport

    In principle the shinpan are looking for ki-ken-ta-ichi and zanshin to award a point. The sound of a good hit is easy to discern, you can kind of feel it. For kendoist who lack good footwork their strikes sound week and incomplete which make it very difficult to call as points.
    When the shinpan in question talks about would that have cut my armour? that becomes a bit subjective. Often weak shiai-type taps are taken based on timing and not on strength of hit. I could very well be wrong on this point I am interested to read what others think


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      I once fenced against an old japanese sensei ( in my youth!) and he never actually touched you. You knew you were beaten, the kiai was there etc, but he just stopped short. It was the most frustrating match I have ever had!! In the end I felt like saying PLEASE HIT ME...
      Personally I like a nice sound for do cuts, and restrained men and kote cuts. Too hard and it eventually just hurts, and whats the point of that? You just get a headache.