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    Anyone herd of Shinai Bo-Ru? I just saw a post about it. Looks like it is also called Kendo Ball! Is this also done in Japan? Popular pass time for kids???

    :Shinai Bo-Ru is an all new form of swordsman ship training.
    Learn fast and learn any style that you choose with my very unique method of teaching.

    First class is Free.
    Come try it out and see what you think.
    This is also a great way to Get or stay in shape.

    Sunday's at 3 p.m.
    Kanemoto park in Longmont:"




    Fight with your head, and the sword follows.

    Wit, cunning blade tactics and lightning fast reflexes. Awareness of surroundings and the ability to take on multiple opponents, with a variety of objectives in play, with skills you learn here.

    This is the Art of War on the modern sports field. This is what Kendoball is all about.

    When facing off against an opponent you have a multitude of choices, tactics and strategies to try and use with the sword alone. When you add in the Kendoballs and boundary lines along with multiple players, it adds in a multitude of other challenges. The Fodderball controlling the field is simply another obstacle.. or a goal and another device used strategically in play to eliminate opponents.

    When facing many opponents you must use everything at your disposal to win.

    Shinai-Boru is an art form. The art of using the sword in combat with speed and power, while useing grace and agility combined with technique to keep your opponent, as well as yourself safe in this form of un-armored melee combat.

    The control one must have with the kendoballs is important as well. Deflections can be incredably difficult, however with practice some make it look almost too easy

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    Hard pass. I'd rather play this:


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      Very hard pass. I'd rather be playing this:


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        Somewhat new invention. Some ball sport with shinai. See and


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          ah.. a youtube:


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            Ummmmmm ........ no.


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              I don't want to live on this planet anymore....