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A CRY and then a good Laught

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  • A CRY and then a good Laught

    Had to take my Lady Cat Sherpa to the Vets to be put down
    Bats is not a real brave Person it was Heart-Breaking...had her for19yrs
    Went for a walk and saw this Dirty Car and someone had written on
    the Dust
    If only my Wife was this Dirty !!!!
    It was a good LOL !!! was what i needed.

    I bow to no one..and I give service for a Cause..

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    sorry to hear that your cat had to be put down

    at least you got to see that car to cheer you up though!!


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      Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel my dog which we had for about 15 years died today. It was sad to see him go but he is not suffering anymore.


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        Poor kitten. 19 years is quite a while through the eyes of a cat though -- you must have treated her quite well. As long as you've done that, I'm sure that she is thankful of meeting you. R.I.P


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          I feel for you. I had a cat(my favorite cat) who died just this year. He was 4 years old and had a heart attack. The good allways die young. I was very sad, so i wrote a poem about him and i felt all better. You should do the same.


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            sorry to hear about your cat. my friend just put her kitten to sleep last week. it had feline lukemia. she raised him when it was rejected by it's mother. she got him when it's eyes were still closed. it was very playful. she doesn't want a new one at the moment she is still sadden by her loss.