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"Softly call the muster" 11-18-99

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  • "Softly call the muster" 11-18-99

    A little less than four hours ago today in 1999, The bonfire at Texas A&M, standing 65 feet tall, collapsed killing twelve. Twelve good aggies died that day, participating in a tradition that dates back to 1909 with a pile of trash, and evolved to its peak in 1969 at 109 feet.

    No matter your feelings on bonfire, we stop and pay our respects to those who died, even as we fight to bring back the traditions.... No words can explain what it means to be an Aggie, and i cant explain it to the people on this forum, but those that are aggies(and there are a few here) know what it means.

    "Softly call the muster"


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    may they rest in peace

    sorry for the question, but what is an aggie..?


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      Anyone who is or has attended Texas A&M university. Texas A&M is one of the three big university's in Texas. The others are Texas Tech and the university of texas....


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        I'm a Husker. And I was at the Nebraska-A & M game that year. It was the game following the tragedy. I remember we had a moment of silence for them at the stadium. I also remember the A & M band was allowed to play half of the 1/2 time show. They left the field with a standing Ovation. Your team is deep with tradition, and your fans are full with heart.