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    I am thinking of building a "ballet studio" for my wife that can be used for kendo . Given location (partially exposed) I want to make the floor of cedar. Is this what is usually used in Japan? More importantly, what sort of finish is applied to make them shine so? I usually prefer hot linseed oil over varnish and certainly over polyurethane. Anyone familiar with the techniques used in Japan?



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    Dear Mr. Haly,

    I have seen a number of flooring materials and different finishes used here in Japan (including raw, planned and sanded, but unfinished otherwise) floor treatments. So it does not appear that there is a standard. Cedar is indeed one of the favored woods in Japan, but not as common as it once was, and quite expensive. I seem to recall there were some articles (way back?) in Kendo Nippon or Kendo Jidai magazines. I'll search them out. Conincidentaly, my clinic is undergoing an expansion costruction, therefore I am in regular contact with the architect and the construction company. I'll make inquires to both.

    You had mentioned that your floor would be "partially exposed." Would you please elaborate on that: Will you have direct weather exposure?

    M.I. Komoto
    Chiba, Japan


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      Thank you Komoto san,

      I hadn't thought of planning the boards though that usually leaves a very nice surface. Hmmmmm.

      By "partially exposed" I mean that there are no walls, only a roof. I plan on putting screens and curtains that can be rolled up on the sides to let sun in or keep it out. Snow will probably blow on it at times but it can be swept off. That is why I was thinking of cedar. Your sources sound very interesting. Please let me know what you find.

      Best regards,