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WKC 12 Pool Draws

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  • WKC 12 Pool Draws

    OK, The pools have been drawn and courtesy of Rob the web master, the details are on the official website

    Some intresting draws - im looking forward to watching the matches :-)

    see you all in July


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    i am in the 59th group for individuals...

    hey....they spelled my name wrongly....


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      Am I reading the draw correctly? Did the US end up in Japan's first round group?


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        How do the groups work? Round-robin within the group, then top team advances, or top 2 teams advance?


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          Hi Neal

          as I understand it top 2 teams advance - makes pool 1 intresting and not just because of the US ;-)


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            As per the rules this is the order of competition.

            <in case of 4 teams>
            a vs. b
            c vs. b
            c vs. d
            a vs. d

            <in case of 5 teams>
            a vs. b
            c vs. b
            c vs. d
            e vs. d
            e vs. a

            If the order posted is correct then the US will not have matches with either Japan or France.

            However it is little surprise that the US is in the pool with Japan. And France too? Who does these draws anyway?


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              Man, that website design needs some work. The draw page is refreshing every couple of seconds so that you can't even use search to find a name or country.


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                That's because of all the stupid flash adverts.


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                  OK, I don't understand really how this pool stuff works. I presume that the two teams with the best record advance. If two teams have 2-0 records in a 5-team pool, the other teams cannot advance. Looking at pool A:

                  Japan will beat France and Aruba and advance. The US will beat Aruba and Denmark and advance. France will beat Denmark and lose to Japan and not advance. But if we switch the US and France's spot, France will advance and the US will not. Basically, any team that draws next to a strong team is doomed. What happens if Denmark has a (really) good day and beats the US? Now we've got 3 teams tied for 2nd, I presume it goes to number of wins and then points?

                  Why not just give the top 8 seeds a bye and let the other teams do a true pool round-robin for the other 8 spots? In the case of pool A, that means 6 matches instead of 5 and probably the US still advances but at least France has a fair shot at it.


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                    If France upsets any of the Japan team then the US if it wins all matches could come out A1. It's an unlucky draw for France. Japan may find it has its hands full with France.

                    You have to read through the rules to get any idea.


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                      I found the rules on the same website, it has the chart for how the draws go. The US and Canada have a good chance to meet in the quarter finals with the winner meeting Korea in the semis.


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                        How come the draw list says this haas been done on 11/07/03 ?
                        unless i am in a timewrap, I though we were still in April...


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                          Then you may as well be in a time warp, I think that the rest of us are in may...



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                            Would it be unsporting to discuss/speculate who the top 2 finishers will be in each group in the men's and women's team draws??


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                              slidercrank...I don't think it would be. Could be interesting to see who is right.