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Hungary for Kendo Competition?!

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  • Hungary for Kendo Competition?!


    11th. Hungarian Cup, Seminar and Dan Examination

    Budapest 24-28th. July 2002.

    Hungarian Kendo Federation (HKF) would like to invite all your Kendokas to our annual event, which has became a traditional club competition among 14th nations now with over 120 participants!

    Meeting point and registration at the official accommodation:

    July 24. 2002.between 9:30-13:00 oclock

    Kos Karoly Dormitory (main entrance)

    Mogyorodi t 19-21.

    District XIV.

    See attached map

    Should you prefer to stay at hotel please send your request in separate letter, and we will send you the possibilities around the area.


    July 24th. 14:00 17:00 (kata and kendo)*

    July 25th. 9:30 10:30 (theory) 10:30 12:00 (kendo) 14:00 17:00 (kata and kendo)*

    July 26th. 9:30 10:30 (theory) 10:30 12:00 (kendo) 14:00 16:00 (preparing for exam)**

    *1 hour each

    **not ONLY for examiners


    Part of the morning seminar, researchers from the Budo Forum will give lectures on History of Kendo and Technical theory!

    Seminar organiser: Hungarian Kendo Federation, HKF

    Invited teachers:

    - Masato KADONO, kendo 7 dan (Japan)

    - Shoji OKADA, kendo 7 dan (Japan)

    - Tetsushi ABE, kendo 6 dan (HKF)

    - Toru KUBO, kendo 6. dan (HKF)

    - Ryutaro KAMIMOTO, 5 dan (Austrian Kendo Association)

    Place of seminar: School GYM at the place of the dormitory


    Mogyorodi t 19-21.

    District XIV.

    Championships: HKF will organise the following tournament:

    I. Children: Older then 10 and younger then 14 years (No attendance limit!)

    (at the time of the actual championship)

    II. Junior: Older then 15 and younger then 18 years (No attendance limit!)

    (at the time of the actual championship)

    III. Adult male individual: 15 - up *

    IV. Adult Female: 15 - up **Maximum 7 applicants/club will be accepted on the Adult Individual tournament!

    V. Team (One team/Club): No age/sex restriction, teams composed of 5 persons out of 7 inscriptions!

    Time table:

    Individual Male/Female/Junior July 27th.Saturday :

    09:30 Shinai check

    10:00 Opening ceremonies

    10:30 Demonstration Competition

    16:00 Closing ceremony

    Team tournament July 28th. Sunday:

    09:30 Shinai check

    10:00 Opening ceremonies

    10:30 Competition

    14:00 Closing ceremony

    15:00 Dan/Kyu examinations up to 3 dan


    Hungary Cup is traditionally a club competition, which means more than one team can participate from one country. Please make sure to use your OWN club ZEKKEN ONLY during tournament, any other zekken is not allowed!

    Place of championship:

    ORFK Police Training Headquarters


    Vagohid street. 9-11.

    Distr. IX.


    Seminar (annex 3): 1500 HUF / training (pre-registered and paid applicants fee is only 5000 for the whole seminar)

    Individual children/junior Champ.: 300 HUF / person

    Individual Championships (annex 4, 5): 700 HUF / person

    Team Championships (annex 6): 2300 HUF/ team

    Accommodation (annex 3): 1800 HUF / night / person

    Sayonara party: 1000 HUF /person/meal

    Lunch during seminar: 900 / person/ meal

    Breakfast: 600 HUF/breakfast NO CHARGE for pre-registered and paid applicants for seminar and tournament!


    Seminar participants able to pre- register only for the whole seminar, others will be paying at the door. Each attendance (1500.-/training there will be 5 training + 2 morning session of History of Kendo and Technical theory during the 3 day seminar)!


    Breakfast is provided for those who pre-registered and paid in advance for the whole seminar, and competition! Lunch will only be served during the seminar, it will NOT be provided during the Taikai, but could be purchased at the place of the tournament under 1000 HUF/meal each!

    Sayonara party

    Will be held at the dormitory on July 28th. 2002. 19:00 oclock HUF 1000 /person/meal

    Kendo dan and kyu examinations:

    29th July, 2001. after the Team Championships from 1 kyu to 3 dan.

    Kendo kyu and dan examination fee:

    Examination fee
    registration fee

    1 Kyu
    2000 Ft
    1000 Ft
    3000 HUF

    1 Dan
    3500 Ft
    1500 Ft
    5000 HUF

    2 Dan
    5000 Ft
    2000 Ft
    7000 HUF

    3 Dan
    7000 Ft
    3000 Ft
    10000 HUF

    How to apply:

    Please fill up the attached Registration Forms, or download from our web site (events and applications menu). E-mail and/or fax it (Final Entry Form ANNEX 6- signed by the club leader, and Dan Application Form Kendo Kyu/Dan Examination ANNEX 5- signed by the President of the Federation must be send by fax) to:


    Fax: +36 1 315 13 70

    Please transfer the participant fees by 4th of July 2002, to HKF bank account:

    Hungarian Kendo Federation

    Bank: OTP Bank Rt.

    Bank address: 1027 Budapest, Margit krt. 8-10. Hungary

    Acc.# : 11702036-20665168

    Swift code: OTP VH UHB


    Should you not being able to pay the fees in advance due to local bank difficulties, please inform us as soon as possible! The important point is responsibility, which means, what is in your sent in Registration Form; your dojo is liable to pay at least that amount, even though you have less actual participants at the time of arrival!

    I hope we could meet many of you in July!

    Best Regards,

    Hunor Mihalik

    HKF Secretary General

    The current exchange rate is: 1 USD 277 HUF and 1 EU-245 HUF Dated 2002-05-18