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    Any eastern or midwestern states kendoka attend the joint practice last week? If you did let's put some internet names to faces, maybe we practiced, talked or drank together. If not, maybe we can make a point to next time!

    And if someone can tell me the names of the sensei who taught during the ji-keiko aside form Ariga-Sensei I'd appreciate it, I really enjoyed practicing with them but due to lack of sleep / lack of food / lack of pen and paper their names slipped away from me on the ride home.
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    Toshio Tokune-sensei, 6th dan, renshi was at the far end of the court.
    Carl Basham, 4th dan, Bethany College (he had a TCU zekken) next to him.
    Takashi Nomiyama, 5th dan, University of Kentucky
    Mitsuya Koizumi, 4th dan, Miami Valley
    Ron Jobo, 4th dan, Miami Valley

    Trying to remember who else was in the motodachi rank.

    Others from Miami Valley there were Shuhei Ito, 3rd dan,
    Chris Ruggiero, 3rd dan
    Satoko Boettcher, 2nd dan
    Joe Clark, 3rd kyu

    We had folks from Louisville, Ohio State (thanks, Tricia), Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

    Thanks for a great practice.


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      Thanks! I really enjoyed my practice with all the senseis, but wanted to write down Tokune-Sensei and Koizumi-Sensei's names especially. Their attitude and kendo made a great impression on me. It was great to be in keiko with so many experienced and poweful kendo players.