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  • Russian Kendo Championships

    The Russian Kendo Championships are scheduled to be held on October 18 and 19, 2003 in Moscow. As part of this championship there will also be some kendo seminar. It will be attended by a group of about 15 Japanese Sensei. Former Prime Minister Hashimoto is supposed to be part of this group. Im told they are scheduled to visit St. Petersburg prior to Moscow.

    Ill be attending this event with a stop in London first. I plan on attending practice at Mumeshi Dojo. My wife will accompany me to London and St. Petersburg and Ill be joined by one of my students in Moscow. We plan on helping out with the tournament. Well also get in some practice while were there of course.

    Im curious if anyone else here will be going to this event. It would be great to have a few more people going.

    Curtis Marsten

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    The few russians i saw at the worlds where very good...i'd love to see this event. I cant see there being alot of contestants though...


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      Where kind I find information in english about this event?


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        Unforunately the info is only in Russian at this time at the following link. paragraph 3.

        I will see if I can get them to put up an english page.

        I spoke this morning with my friend in Moscow and we went through the info on the page.

        There will be 15 Japanese visitors. They include practitioners of kendo, iaido and kobudo. There will be seminar on Oct. 16 and 17 in Moscow. The 6th Russian Championships and shinsa to 4 dan will be Oct. 18 and 19. As far as the tournament I am not sure if it will limited to Russians only or not. I would suppose so. I can ask.

        I'll try to get the complete details on venue, times and agenda and post.


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          Mr Marsten, I'm not going to Moscow... but which day will you be in London Mumeishi?


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            I'll attend practice Oct. 7 with my wife. I'll layover in London on Oct. 20 as well. Whether I'll attend practice would depend on how tired I am from the trip and if Holt Sensei feels like dragging me somewhere.


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              Doh! I'll be moving in that week. Missed the chance to say hi.

              BTW on Oct 19 (Sun) there'll be Shinsa in Mumeishi ... So I guess nothing serious will happen.


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                Here is an update on the schedule of events and delegation from AJKF.

                October 15 (Wednesday) Travel to Moscow
                October 16-17 (Thursday- Friday) Educational Seminars
                10:30-12:00-Kendo seminar
                13:30-15:30-Iaido Seminar
                15:30-17:00- Kendo Seminar
                October 18 (Saturday) Men's Individual Championship
                October 19 (Sunday) Women's Individual Championship and Men's Team Championship

                AJKF Official Delegation
                1. Takeyasu Yoshimitsu -- AJKF/IKF president
                2. Inoue Shigeaki -- Kendo Hanshi 8 dan
                3. Watanabe Tetsuya -- Kendo Hanshi 8 dan
                4. Hirano Yoshiaki -- Kendo Kyoshi 8 dan, Iaido Kyoshi 7 dan, Yagyu-Shinkage-Ryu
                5. Inoue Katsuhiko -- Iaido Kyoshi 8 dan, Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan
                6. Sugie Masatoshi -- Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan
                7. Terachi Tanetoshi -- Kendo kyoshi 7 dan
                8. Yoshiyama Mitsuru -- Kendo Kyoshi 7 dan
                9. Asano Makoto -- Yagyu-Shinkage-Ryu


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                  I have put the results and some photos. I plan to add some video when I get time of the men's final.



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                    Wow, they get to be interviewed by a news reporter? Just like the All Japan Championships. Pretty impressive trophy too. Must have been a pretty major event in Russia. I was also wondering if anyone of you knew Michael. I forgot his last name, but he's Japanese, and I think he was from the U.S. I met him last year in Japan for the World College Student Kendo Gathering thing in Tokyo. He was one of the coordinators for that event, along with Hashimoto Ryutaro (former prime minister of Japan). Anyways, I met Michael in Scotland. He was a helper or something for the Russian team.