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9th Goyokai Kendo tournament Host by Boston Shufukai

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  • 9th Goyokai Kendo tournament Host by Boston Shufukai

    Just got this from sensei.

    Dear Senseis, friends and kendoka,

    I hope all of you are doing well.

    I would like announce that Boston Shufukai will host the 9th Goyokai
    Kendo tournament.
    I will send an official invitation and application form soon, but I
    would like to let you know
    what we know now, so that you can mark it on your calendar and make
    any necessary arrangement.

    Date: October 25, 2008 (joint practice)
    October 26, 2008 (Kendo Tournament)
    Place: Boston Higashi School's gym
    800 North Main St.
    Randolph, MA 02368
    Fee: $35
    Nearest Hotel: Holiday Inn Randolph
    Guest senseis: Toshiyuki Matsubara-sensei and others

    Please join us to celebrate our 9th tournament.
    If you know anybody who may be interested in participating,
    please feel free to forward this e-mail.

    Thank you very much and I'm looking forward to see all of you soon.

    Toshihiro Ogimura

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    Yay! Matsubara sensei is coming to town!

    I hope to make this.


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      sounds fun! hope i can attend as well =)


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        This was a very nice tournament! Does anyone have the results?


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          Partial Results

          I have some results. can't remember them all

          1st. Etobicoke
          2nd Shufukai A
          3rd NYC Kendo Club A
          3rd GSK?

          Mens 4dan and above
          1st Ken Kishino NY Kenshinkai
          2nd S. Kamata Etobicoke

          Men's 3 dan
          1st Alex Lin NYC Kendo Club
          2nd Koichi Miyamoto Toronto Kendo Club
          3rd Atillia sp? JCCC

          Shodan - 2 dan
          1st Ahmed Obeidallah HMK Kumdo Academy

          Women's Division
          1st Yoshida Boston Kendo
          2nd Junko Ariyama? Montreal Kendo Club
          3rd Misao Grivas South Hampton Kendo
          3rd ?


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            Video of Kishin-Kamata


            I asked someone at the tournament to email me regarding the video of the 4dan and up Men's final. When I got home, i realized I gave him the wrong email address. If you are reading this, please add a 7 before the 9 in the address.

            Also, if anyone else was able to video this match, please contact me via PM.


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              What's a Shufukai and a Goyokai?


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                Originally posted by Kenzan View Post
                What's a Shufukai and a Goyokai?
                Shufukai is the name of the local dojo in Randolf
                Goyokai is the name of the tournament, although I believe it has more meaning but I'm not sure what.


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                  I thought Kenshinkai A won 2nd place in teams?

                  That's one taikai I wish I didn't have to miss!


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                    You are right. Kenshinkai A did win 2nd place in teams. Thanks for catching that.