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    The 2002 Gyokuryuuki Koukou Kendo Taikai, or the "Jade Dragon Flag" "High School" Kendo Tournament, just took place during 25-29 July in Fukuroka. It is a major high school sports event jointed organized with the "Golden Vulture Flag High School Judo Taikai", only team events representing the High School, probably second to the All Japan Inter-High.

    After a few days of searching I finally find the secret website going under the West Japan News Center (Taikai Organizer). They had live web broadcast, only that I've just missed the action for 30 hours or so. I was about to recommend everyone to take a look at how big a Kendo event can be in Japan. And now that I'm on holiday doing "nothing"....The following is a English translation of a section from their site.

    This is the homepage of the whole site.
    You can see they are taking vidoe pre-order already.

    Since there's no point reporting the results without knowing the teams/schools/kendoka, I'll recommend the others to explore around the Photo Album. On the left menu under the dragon, click on the 5th link. Or:

    It's actually a day-by-day action chart.

    July 25
    >>Girls Opening Ceremony<< Images and Music from the Fukuroka Fire Dept. Orchestra. Massive line-up at 8am including 351 participating schools. And at the end a clip of Oath-taking from the team-cap of South Fukuroka High, winner of last year.
    >>Scenes from the Stadium<<
    >>Special Report of the Housyou High (Miyasaki Prefecture)<<
    A losing team only went to the 2nd round. Whole team with red dish Dou and sewed yellow name on the left elbow of their keikogi.
    >>One Shot<<
    Stupid sticker-snaps taking by the bored spectators...

    July 26
    >>2nd Day, Scenes from the Stadium<<
    Cheerleading girls. Fighting girls. A girl going Jodan in all-white except zekken and Do. Scoring broad. And the computer delivering live feeds from the courts.
    >> Girls final<<
    Girls forming circles and planing strategy. Fighting action from 2.05pm.
    >> Girls event Closing ceremony<<
    3pm. Winning team with the extravagant Jade Dragon Flag. And medals to the 10 outstanding kendoka.

    July 27
    >>Day 3, Boys Opening Ceremony.<<
    A line-up of boys from 524 schools --largest attendence in history. Winner of last year handing the flag back. Etc.
    >>Special Report on Yokohama High<<
    A team with Gold dou and yellow "yokohama" on their arms. Also a losing team being kicked out from the 2nd round.
    >>Special Report on Housyou High <<
    Same thing with the boys team
    >>Scenes from the Stadium<<
    Funny boy's cheerleading. Tired Kendoka. Different colours of dou in different teams. Name of team printed on dou (!!!). And a cheerleader dancing on concrete under hot daylight.

    Jul 28
    >>Scenes from the Stadium<<
    Action from 2nd-4rd round. Newpaper coverage of the event. Emotional spectators.... And~~~!!! A one-armed kendoka from Kumamoto, fighting from Jodan. Sadly losing by ippon at the 3rd round.
    >>Special report for a team from Akita<<
    >>People at the internet corner<<
    >>Staff at the internet corner (with delicious food!!)<<

    Jul 29
    >>Scenes from the stadium<<
    Final day. Boys in action.
    >>Special Report on Kaho High (Fukuroka)<<
    A team got kicked out on the 5th round. Boys crying...
    >>Boys final!!!<<
    Kagoshima Corporate High Vs Kyushu School (Kumamoto)--Kyushu was also the winner last year.
    >>Closing Ceremony<<
    Cup-handing to Kyushu team taijo (with a odd last name "sime" resembling the symbol for "alpha"). Beautiful Flag.

    Phew...end of typing. Enjoy the spectacular kendo taikai!

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    there where quite a few girls there, never seen that many doing kendo before.
    may add that to my list of why i want to train in Japan
    more women doing kendo than you can shake a shinai at

    "sexist no Im just a man"


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      Never seen that many doing kendo before, period!
      Although you do have a point there, lucian

      Mingshi: thank you for taking the time to posting the links, and translating the content.. very much appreciated..


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        very much appreciated
        looked like it would have been great