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  • Tickets?

    Hello there,
    I feel like this is rather stupid question but I can't seem to find anything about if it is necessary and if so, where I can buy tickets for AJKF events such as the 8th Dan Tournament, the Enbu Taikai or the All Japan Championship. If someone would enlighten me on how I can visit these kind of events, I would be very happy, as I will be in Japan during quite a few of them.

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    I went to the All Japan Champs last year, and we just bought our tickets on entry. However I believe that we would have been able to buy tickets at a convenience store (7-11) for this, or some of the other tournaments. Someone else can probably confirm this though.


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      you can get the All Japan tickets in Convenience stores, I have done this as I don't like the stupid queue outside, I missed Shodai losing to Oishi the year before last because of this!

      Not sure about the others, the easiest is to go to the venue early enough. (and the keiko for the Enbu, heard its amazing!)


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        Thanks for the info, good to know! Can you give me a vague estimate of how long before the actual event the convience stores will have the tickets? Is it more like 1 month or 1 week?