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  • Open Tameshigiri Seminar ...

    Our dojo is sponsoring an open tameshigiri seminar (we need to get some new equipment for the dojo) on Saturday, April 28th from 12:00 to 4:00 (or so) at our practice space at 903 St. Paul Dr. in Richardson Texas.

    The seminar cost is $50, and will include a bit about the physics of cutting and proper tameshigiri safety as well as assistance with your cutting technique. Three tatami targets are included with the cost of the seminar, and additional targets can be purchased for our cost, which is 6.00 each. (Shipping is a killer!)

    Prior cutting experience and a sharp sword is not required as I'll have a couple of dojo cutters available for use. If you've ever wondered what it felt to actually cut something, now's your chance!

    If you are interested, please send me a PM or email to pgsmith49athotmaildotcom


    Paul Smith

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    Hmmm, sounds grrreat...if I could only stow away on a flight over there...hmmm.


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      I bet you could find a Toyama ryu dojo over there that would fix you up if you wanted.


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        Hmm, I might be able to swing that. I've been looking for a good chance to get some -face-to-face time and a hand shake. I'll touch base with you in the coming weeks.


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          Very cool! I look forward to it.
          I tried to email you an invite to pass around, but the address I have for you is out of date.


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            I wish I was closer, it sounds like fun.