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Nanseikan 10th anniversary this Saturday, and 10 years of Kendo World for me!

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  • Nanseikan 10th anniversary this Saturday, and 10 years of Kendo World for me!

    My club will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this Saturday. It will also be the day of our annual one-day Kangeiko, and at the moment, Melbourne is set to provide suitably kan conditions for us on the day.

    Many people have helped us along the way: sensei from around Australia and also from Japan. To everyone who has visited our dojo a big thank you for bringing your Kendo for us to learn from.

    It has also been 10 years since I signed up for Kendo World. In that time I've had two children, bought a house, started a new career and completed two university degrees. All the while this forum has been there for me to debrief about Kendo stuff when I wasn't getting to be with my Kendo mates in the dojo. So I just want to say thanks Alex, Hamish, Neil and the KW team, and especially to the members of this forum, for being a sounding board for me, as well as helping to create an important resource for new students. Kendo World helps new kenshi realise there really is a world of Kendo out there, that it's not just me and our little dojo. A fantastic illustration of this was when some of my students set up a blog with a ClusterMap hit counter and within a week of advertising it on KWF we had little red dots from around the globe. They couldn't believe it!

    So thanks guys (of both genders). Some of you I've met in the last 10 years and even more I am yet to meet. I hope one day I will. And if any of you are ever in Melbourne, please visit Nanseikan. All Kenshi are welcome. Even B.Park!


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    Happy 10th anniversary and congrats on keeping kendo alive that long, may you do so for many more decades to come.


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        Thanks guys! b


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          Congratulations, ben!


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            Congratulations, Ben, fabulous accomplishment!