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    Hey, don't know how many of you folks in the midwest and east coast kendo community know, but this year the Detroit area will host a visit from the Kanto Gakusei; this is a delegation of college kendo students who will hit Detroit, Boston, NYC and Toronto, with many men and women kendoka, and they're looking to practice with all comers, especially college students.

    Time and date: August 31, 2004, Ypsilanti, MI (my place) with "second practice" to follow. It's a Tuesday, so that's a challenge, but come down and get the snot beat out of you by these college kids and drink up with me afterwards.

    I'm gonna cross-post this in the general section. More info at

    Or write to me,

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    Boo, tuesday! 2.5 hour drive :P


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      I know, it's not convenient at all! It'd totally be worth it, though.