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Shidogakuin 20th Taikai

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  • Shidogakuin 20th Taikai

    Anyone know the result from 9/11 taikai?

    just curious.....

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    Normally I'm pretty good remembering everyone's names but this time around there were just too many. I can tell you this though, out of the four semi-finalists in the Senbatsu, three were from Torrance,CA.

    Check the Shido NY site, the results will probably be posted soon.


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      Shido winners

      I'm not sure if I can remember all the winners either. this much I know:

      There were 4 groups (Senbatsu, goodwill, US Open and Ko haku taikai)
      Senbatsu (US Born Kenshi) I believe Chris Yang won this.
      Goodwill Woman: Debbie Farmer
      Goodwill 1/2 dan: Jason Brown - Torrance (I know this cause I lost to him!)
      US Open: Hatakeyama from Shidogakuin NY won. He defeated Chris Yang.
      Ko Haku Taikai - I dont know, but I think the White Team was winning when I left.