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2004 NSW Championship

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  • 2004 NSW Championship


    Saturday, 4th December 2004


    Five Dock Leisure Centre, cnr Queens Road & William Street, Five Dock

    Today is the last say to register.

    So who's going (to compete or to watch)? I'll be in the kyu category.

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    Best of luck Androu, as well as to everyone else competing...hope you all fight well ...

    You'll all have to post a rundown of the day for us lot in other states...can't wait to hear how it goes (maybe even pics?:-)


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      Thanks Stephen! I'll be praying hard to the Kendo Gods that's for sure!

      I'll definitely provide a rundownl! I don't have a digital camera but I'll try to steal from the others.

      Just noticed that the kyu category goes from 10.20am to 1pm!


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        I'm sure you dont need to pray..its all in the head (i put way to much faith in positive thinking hehehehe)..

        Sounds like a long day, but just think, you'll probably only have to win 6 or 7 matchs and the title will be all yours..easy (in theory that is)

        Again, good luck - i wish i could be there but cant wait to hear all bout it


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          Maybe more - in the last (smaller scale) shiai I had to win 6 to reach the final, and that's with 10 pools! T_T


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            I will be fighting in the kyu individuals as well.

            I'm also bringing my digital video camera, and maybe a good-looking blonde girl. Still workin on that blonde tho...


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              Last year was a disaster for me... only my second shiai, and guess who faced the eventual winner?

              I won a calendar in the raffle tho


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                Is that the "Hot Chick in Bogu" calendar?


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                  Hah! naw.... that'd be ok tho.

                  The 2003 AJKF Calendar.


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                    The draw is up -


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                      another 5am start to get to sydney in time.

                      did I mention that I have my office christmas party Friday aftenoon/night.

                      at least I am not in the Kyu comp anymore.
                      Five Dock Leisure Centre also has a pool dosen't it.

                      Andoru we are bring down 7 kyus

                      Chook as long as you enjoy yourself and
                      a: did your best and/or
                      b: learnt something

                      it is never a disaster , just get your little black revenge book as start writing names in it


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                        should I wear white or blue to the comp?


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                          Not sure if there's any real difference one way or the other. Just bring your normal white. How are your pool matches?

                          Martino - Yeah, I did both. Last NSW Championships I got a total of 2 hours sleep the night before.... Was thinking of bringin a pillow onto the court


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                            Hey, if any of you guys see Hyung-Joon Kim (fighting in the dan individuals), could you please tell him everyone back in Perth sends their regards, and wishes him well for the comp (he used to train with us before moving to NSW)...If you dont get a chance its no probs, but figured there's no harm in asking, thanks


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                              No worries Stephen.

                              Dammit - I got Jayson on my side of the draw. I lost to him in the last shiai.

                              By the way, Nick Sordon will not be competing due to an unfortunate incident....