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7th Annual Detroit Open Kendo Tournament

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  • 7th Annual Detroit Open Kendo Tournament

    Hey, is anyone else going to participate in this tournament? This will be my first time in this taikai. My last was the Midwest Kendo Federation Taikai last November.



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    I'll see you there in adult kyu!


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      I plan to be there, too!


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        Alright, sounds cool.

        I'll be in the Mudansha adult and Team divisions.

        Hope to see you there!


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          Since it's 'tentative'


          Since the dates are tentatively scheduled for the 19th and 20th of February, when will they be firm? My sensei has mentioned that there are 2 visiting senseis from Japan who will be in Las Vegas on the 26th and 27th of February, and he's looking forward to meeting up with them. We were concerned because it could cause a schedule conflict with your tournament.

          Thanks and I'm looking forward to participating.


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            Well, either of my two sensei(Christman sensei-President of Midwest Kendo Federation or Matsuura sensei, for anyone who knows them) from Battle Creek Kendo Kai will probably be able to give out a definite date by this saturday. Tagawa sensei(Vice President of Midwest Kendo Federation) from Detroit Kendo Dojo is organizing the event, and he will be giving first word to either of my above mentioned sensei.

            Word has, he has really been leaning towards Presidents Day(Feb 19th and 20th) weekend for awhile.

            I'll continue posting on Charlie's thread ("TENTATIVE" thread) so we can all be on the same page with the info. So lets move over to that thread and ignore this one.


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              This will be my first tournament for kendo!
              Not sure what I will be looking for but I hope to have a lot of fun at the tournament meeting new people and hope to bring a lot of pics back to show all
              for it.
              and maybe a gold......... then I wake up