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World Samurai Challenge... ??

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  • World Samurai Challenge... ??

    Yo, has anyone else gotten an email/attachment about a World Samurai Challenge tournament in Ohio?

    Not to sound too skeptical but the entire 'flyer' seems a bit shady with the way it described the tournament and everything. Anyone have more information about the event and what not?

    The flyer mentions 'every strike will count' and that you can challenge anyone you want to keiko and shiai.

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    Originally posted by Rularn
    Yo, has anyone else gotten an email/attachment about a World Samurai Challenge tournament in Ohio?
    Definitely a fake in my opinion. We just had the 12th World Championship last summer(? ) So there is no way any "World Challenge" anything is going to be going on. Everyone on here would have been speaking of it otherwise. It would catch my eye and momentary interest too, though. But the whole "Samurai Challenge" part shows that it is a fake.

    If you have the link, could you post it? I am just a little interested in what the advertisment(? ) looks like


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      Does it say anything about entrance fees and such? Usually you can tell if something like that is a scam if you look at the payment and signup options. Also, if there is a phone number or a website you can go to, you can check those out too.


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        is the link that was included in the email....


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          That looks to me like an ammeter tournament set up for some reason. Maybe it would be OK to go down but I'm not sure what you will find .

          Maybe some guys with alot of time and money on there hands laughing at you :silly.


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            Well, the link at the bottom of that page leads to a big picture of Mr.Terminator.. Soooooooooooo, yeah.


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              They forgot tsuki as a valid target.


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                Cool we can mukae-zuki
                mukae-zuki: The act of intentionally thrusting upward at the opponent from below when s/he swings the shinai up and comes in for a men attack. This thrust is prohibited because it is dangerous.

                Also Muni-Tsuki (spelling)
                Tsuki attack to Do, which is no longer paied.


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                  If anyone goes to watch or to compete I hope you'll post your impressions.


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                    That was a cool men-tsuki. And that Tsubame-men was spectacular.


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                      they seem to want to push this event as something high profile. With the whole "world" thing.
                      I wonder where the invitations for this event have gone to.
                      I wonder who will be shimpan at such an event.

                      I also notice that it is linked to the "Arnold games" or so.
                      I never linked Arnold Schwarzenegger to any martial art myself but it makes it look rather commercial.

                      I personally dont get the "serious" feel when I look at it (cant find the proper english word at the moment...)
                      But ofcourse I could be very wrong about this.


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                        Funny how they mention that all forms of Kendo throughout the world will be present, but all but one of the photos on the site are Kendo pics from Japan...

                        A few weeks ago, it stated ALL AREAS WILL BE COUNTED!!!! MEN, KOTE AND DO!!!!

                        At least the added back tsuki as a valid point...But then again isn't men, kote, do and tsuki always counted as a valide target?



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                          Either a fake or wannabe legit

                          All the pictures are from Japan and the website fails to mention the date the event is to be held.

                          This is not worth going all the way out to BFE for.


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                            Our club got email an invitation, a month or so ago.


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                              questionable event

                              Not even the Classical Kendo Federation which is home based in Columbus has spoken up for this event. It certainly is not any of the AUSKF organizations. Not one mention of known kendo practicioners mentioned either. I round filed our invitation.