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Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Seminar - Leeds

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  • Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Seminar - Leeds

    Mark asked me to post the following information...

    Shiroi Bara Dojo

    Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu Mini Seminar

    Sunday 13th February

    The seminar will cover the first seven single sword forms and in the afternoon look at the five two sword forms time allowing.

    Please bring bokuto (odachi and kodachi) if possible.

    Instructors for the day

    Colin Wood / Martin Simpson

    On the mat for 10.00

    Dinner time 12.30 to 1.00

    Finish 4.00

    Middleton Leisure Centre

    The Ring Road


    Leeds 10


    Follow M1 onto M62 towards Leeds.

    M62 come off at Jnc 28 onto A653.

    Pass the White rose centre on your left.

    Follow signs to Hunslet and Beeston.

    At the crossroads turn right at the Tommy Wass pub and carry on up the hill (golf course either side).

    The leisure centre can be located and is sign posted to your right.

    Telephone numbers and email addresses have been omitted. Please let me know if you require any further information.

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    Wow I wish I wasn't in Japan that time... um I don't think so .
    I think it would be good for alot of people in the North though, I guess these types of seminar are very rare. I'm sure this will be professional. Some people here seem to have a monopoly on this controversial ryu ha so I wonder how skilled the people who will lead the class are.

    Oh or is Colin wood the some people I was talking about?
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      Originally posted by Musha
      Some people here seem to have a monopoly on this controversial ryu ha so I wonder how skilled the people who will lead the class are. Oh or is Colin wood the some people I was talking about?
      I would guess skilled enough to teach you a thing or two. No need to troll about people's experience. You keep going on about wanting to learn this stuff. Just turn up.


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        I take it since you are posting on here the seminar is open to anyone.

        Would I have to register before hand ????


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          Yes I believe the seminar is open to anyone.

          I think just turning up on the day would suffice.

          I'll be coming over to Halifax on Friday, so I can give you Mark's phone number then if you want to ask him anything.


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            I was just wondering if you were teaching Hayaku because whenever Niten ichi ryu is mentioned some one like Kaoru posts about how fake it is. I remember she said that no one in England would be qualified to teach it even if there is an Iaido dojyo I know of which does.

            It also seems great being free and you know I am rarely sarcastic is my posts so I hope no one gets the wrong idea..

            Hope some one takes some photos of the day .


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              Musha, nobody mentioned it being free. There will be a small charge for the day, I just didn't have the details, and don't want to post inaccurate information.

              Unless Karou has been to each of these dojo's how does she know what is here or not? Not everyone is on the internet you know. For example I wouldn't presume to be able to create a definitive list of Koryu in Minnesota.


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                not sure if I can make it down as I have to check my calendar...however I will try and make it. I am assuming all the people who went to France are turning up? Post the costs if you can, there has been some discussion on raising costs of seminars from 10 as this has been the same for 10 years....tea and biscuits are usually on as well, so I am thinking its costing us to run them after we pay for the hall rather than making money!
                you are correct in saying no-one here is qualified as such, and there wont be for at least another 20 years, but there are a couple of people who I would rely on to teach this if Hyaku or Iwami sensei is not around. Colin and Martin both visited Imai senseis dojo some years ago and have kept up the practise since then. As Iwami s. and Hyaku arent here I will be more than happy to see these two teach, they both study with the right people. What I do like is that if I ask a question they cant answer they will find out and get back to me instead of trying to make something up. So, to me this is like turning up to a club for the first few lessons and having the junior instructors teach you while the senior teacher gets on with teaching the main class. I have my juniors teach newbies initially so I dont see any problems with going.
                Should be good!


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                  Thanks Tim

                  Well Musha I did post this the other day.


                  The think is no, we dont give out qualifications. We operate on a Dosokai basis. Everyone is a student. We only recognize Soke and his successor as those that have a full cup of experience. Some of rest of us are well on the way. But only six are actually registered to do national and international demonstrations. Don't worry, Martin and Colin have more than enough knowledge of Ito and Nito Seiho to run a seminar.

                  I know its all seems rather strange the Shogo way, but the Dan-I system is rather new in comparison. Some of us left it behind some time ago and are more than content to just practice, practice in an effort to try and seek out the true sprit of Budo. We don't wear armour. A certificate wont keep you out of hospital if you dont move fast enough.


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                    So nobody answered for France ? I'll try to get some answers then


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                      I think this Niten ichi ryu seminar is probably the first time I've heard of a chance to experience a ko-ryu in England since I've been around.

                      From what I understood your point of view was Hayaku was that there are dojyo in Japan that stem from the original niten ichi ryu school, some schools do teach it but are people who have attended the original school and left without enough knowledge to teach. I guess I was listening to things out of context from some others here.

                      I'm not saying this seminar is not good, it just seems unusual. I believe you can tell a person by meeting them how good and knowledgeable they are so I would train under any one I feel this way about who ever they are . Thats why we don't need belts .


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                        You coming for Kendo I take it ??? First time ???

                        The classes now start at 8:00 on Friday not 7:30, but I will probably be there with the key from about 7:45.

                        I take it is Mark Sykes you are talking about..... I have met Mark maybe once or twice probably about five years ago.


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                          I think some of the people who attended the seminar in France will turn up.

                          I think Mark emailed Scott Halls, and a couple of the guys from Masamune dojo are coming I believe. Also emailed Gavin Threipland, who was also on the Paris seminar.

                          Its quite far to come from France for a one day seminar, but if people want to come along, then I'm sure they are welcome.

                          I might be better to let me know approximate numbers, and I can pass the info on to Mark. Alternatively I can provide his contact details via PM or email if required.


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                            Hi Gareth,

                            Yes I will be coming down for Kendo. First time was the week before last. Couldn't make it down last week as I was unwell.

                            Musha, if you are interested, just turn up.


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                              Cool. Hope you enjoyed........... I couldn't make it that week. But I will see you on Friday then.