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Paris Taikai 12/13 th of March

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  • Paris Taikai 12/13 th of March

    The site for the Paris Taikai is finally up.

    For non-french speakers I'll make a quick translation of the program.

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    Excellent idea Louis X!!

    For those who cannot wait until Louis traduction release, check where I sum it up.

    (Louis j'espre que tu ne m'en voudras pas d'envahir ton sujet on se voit au Taka )


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      No problemo. I hadn't seen your earlier post, sorry.

      You've translated most of it. I can just add that there will be 2 Kendo tournaments. 1 for 3-5 dan and 1 for 6-8 dan.

      Unfortunatly, I'll be away during the Taikai (i can't really complain, I'm going to Florida ) But I might drop by your dojo one day to try that funny thing called a Naginata


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        you are welcome anytime


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          shared practice?

          in the morning: shared practice with Kendo and Naginata practitionners one one hand (kihon kiri kaeshi),

          What does it mean... shared practice: 1 kendoka practicing with one "naginataka"? I'm 3e Kyu (kendo), can I take part of these practice, or is it better for me to watch at?


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            Je suis desolee, je ne comprend pas.

            Is there anything for people under 3rd dan to fight in? I might come just to watch and take part in the shared practice if allowed for I'm only ikkyu.


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              After speaking with officials today at the Paris regional championship I was told that you could book directly through your own federation in Europe.

              I'll confirm later but for practice everybody's welcomed.
              I don't think there is anything for people under 3rd dan.


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                sat' afternoon Kendo shiai are indeed 3rd dan and above.

                all grade practicionners can involve in saturday's shared practice and sunday's Ji Geiko