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Charity Taikai in UK

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  • Charity Taikai in UK

    Our Dojo (Doshinkenyukai, Preston) shall be holding an informal taikai on Saturday the 12th of February. There will be an entrance fee of -

    10 per competitor
    5 per Spectator

    ALL Monies shall be donated to the South East Asia Tsunami Appeal

    there will be no grade restrictions, and the taikai is open to all. The format of the taikai is yet to be confirmed and may depend on the number of entrants.

    We would also like to state that volunteers would be greatly appreciated to help as shimpan or as other helpers.

    check this url for more info.

    However, I would like to state that this taikai is being organised 100% for charity and NOBODY other than the stated charity will gain from this event. Th venue has been kindly offered to us free of charge, and the trophies will be donated from our club funds.
    It will be the first taikai that our dojo has ever hosted and we hope that it will all run smoothly.


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    Clear out your private messages!!!!

    Hotel St.Elmo is at 22 South Shore (Station Road), Blackpool. We can give free acommodation for up to 10 people fighting in the tournament in rooms (shared en suite) and breakfast. If you need more then I can arrange up to 15, 1 person can stay on the sofa in the basement (where I stay).

    The rooms are typically twin and triple, en suite. Rather than book them now, you can get a list of people and what kind of rooms they want and I'll make the bookings depending on who wants what kind of room.

    The bookings can be for one, two or three nights, free of charge.

    I didn't want to post it on KWF, rather tell you first so that you could do what you like with the 10 beds, for example, invite high grades and sweeten the deal with free acommodation.

    Also, once we have an idea of numbers, and you send me details of where the taikai will take place, we can arrange a mini bus to and from the taikai for the participants staying at the hotel.

    Slightly out of date:

    Get back to me so we can arrange something,

    I'll be competing as well


    P.S. I'm actually at the hotel now... when/where do you practice?