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2005 HK Asian (Regional) Invitational Kendo Tournament

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  • 2005 HK Asian (Regional) Invitational Kendo Tournament

    26-27th Feb @ HK Park Indoor Games Hall
    For details please check calendar.

    Anyone from KWF coming over? I am the girl with a SLR camera...

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    Hey Mingshi I won't be attending this year but there'll be quite a few people from Australia (predominantly from New South Wales). They do browse the forum but not a regular poster. Nevertheless, I'll let them know.

    Look for this big giant korean with the last name "Yoon". He's the joker of the group!


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      Originally posted by mingshi
      Anyone from KWF coming over?
      I'll be there. Gonna be testing for shodan. Here's hoping that I make it!


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        Next weekend I'll be there helping out at the courts.
        Just got team list from my sensei (I saw both Dr. Alex Bennent and Michael Komoto will be there..?):-

        Namiki Kenyukai, Yokohama, Japan
        Osaka Ryokenkai, Osaka, Japan
        Kinyou kai, Tokyo, Japan
        Shibuya Kenyuukai, Tokyo, Japan
        Japan Airline, Tokyo, Japan
        Hihaino Sato Shinbukai, Fukuoka, Japan
        Shigakukan University, Kagoshima, Japan
        Asia Kendo Club, Tokyo, Japan
        New South Wales Kendo Association, Australia
        Shanghai Kendo Club, Shanghai
        Beijing Allied Kendo Team, Beijing
        Singapore Kendo Club, Singapore
        Hong Kong
        Manila Kendo Club
        Chinese Taipei
        Thailand Kendo Club

        Total teams:
        Men= 32
        Ladies= 8
        2nd Dan & below (teams of 3)= 16


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          Keep an out eye for Michael Komoto, a Kendo-World Member, who may be attending the event on official AJKF business. (You can also ask him about the Chibabogu Mine while he's there. )